Our missionary Andriy Vasenda with a team of volunteers work in Ternopil’ in social ministry. They distribute humanitarian aid and food packages, visit people in oncology clinics and hospices, etc.

Andriy also leads home groups where they use an icebreaker game created by CITA.
Andriy Vasenda is also a singer and an author of many Christian songs. He uses his musical talents to share the Gospel. He is often invited to various events and performances. The words of his songs bring hope to people since they are grounded in his personal experience. Here are the names of some of his songs: “The answer will come”, “I’m near you”, “Don’t stop”. With the support of CITA Ministries, Andriy now records his second music album and makes new music videos.

In Ternopil’ we have a center for the production of CITA Ministries printed materials (i.e.: newspapers “Christ is the answer”, calendars and school diaries, etc). Andriy Vasenda is in charge of this area of ministry.

The population of Ternopil’ is about 220 000 people.