Serving Ukraine in the war time

Standing with those who suffer,
hunger and seek refuge

For over 70 days Ukraine has been in unbearable pain, but continues to defend its freedom!

For more than two months, the Ukrainian people have been suffering irreparable casualties and destruction from the aggression of the imposed “Russian world”.
In the most challenging times for Ukraine, when our country is going through a fiery trial, and there are more and more people suffering from the war, and the needs are growing every day, the Christ is the Answer missionaries are doing everything they can to engage in the lives of their countrymen.
Showing the love of God, caring for the needy people of Ukraine, our warriors of light spread the Gospel so that every heart trusts in God. During the war, CITA missionaries have held more than 3,800 different meetings (most of all in the Kharkiv region), visited about 650 families and people.
CITA missionaries continue sending and distributing charitable food packages and medicines among the elderly, widows, poor families, in the Kyiv, Mykolaiv, Chernihiv, Kharkiv, Sumy, Luhansk, and Donetsk regions.
CITA missionaries continue to evacuate people from the war zone in Luhansk (Lysychansk, Severodonetsk), Donetsk (Kramatorsk, Toretsk, Pokrovske, Slavyansk), Kherson (Kherson), Mykolaiv regions (Mykolaiv) to the west of Ukraine or to the border with Poland, Moldova, Romania. Over 450 people have been evacuated with the help of CITA missionaries since the outbreak of the war.
To make their ministry more effective, CITA missionaries have obtained volunteer certificates, which have greatly simplified their activities. The CITA missionary team also continues to join forces, meeting online every month to support each other and keep doing good deeds together! We thank God that at this challenging time we can continue to support our people. We are grateful to everyone who supports CITA activities in Ukraine during the war. Everything we do, we do with your participation and support. This is very valuable for us!
We pray for every family affected by this terrible war and for every person who was forced to leave his or her home to find a safe place in other countries. Continue to pray with us for Ukraine!
Please support CITA WAR RELIEF FUND as your donations enable us to help even more people!
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