Interview. Great need for hospital chaplains in Ukraine

16 May 2024

Andriy Vasenda, a CITA missionary from Ternopil who has been regularly visiting a local military hospital for more than a year, shared his story and...

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Who will suffer for the Gospel? John Piper’s plea in his new book

14 May 2024

The topic of fulfilling the Great Commission or missionary work is not very popular in churches today, but it is not that it is not spoken about...

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Intercultural Marriage: A Ukrainian and a Gagauzian in Kyrgyzstan

26 April 2024

"You have to learn to live in a new culture with that culture in mind, not bringing traditions and rules, but the essence of Christ himself" - a...

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“The Lord is keeping the door open for the Gospel through television even today”: Taras Sen, a preacher with 17 years’ experience of working with the media

9 April 2024

The importance of preachers being featured on secular television, how to get there and the challenges they face as they move from the pulpit to the...

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How to open a children’s club: master-class from the missionary of CITA

30 January 2024

Inna Titova, a CITA missionary who has been ministering to children in the Mykolaiv region for more than 10 years, shared the steps to opening a...

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Tips from CITA missionaries: How to evangelize on the street?

20 December 2023

Advice from experienced missionaries. It will be useful for those who want to evangelize passers-by or who have started evangelizing.  CITA...

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Intercultural marriage: a Ukrainian woman and a Kenyan man

23 November 2023

"Everything depends on us and how much we are ready to accept one another, not change," a missionary from Ukraine to Kenya Inna, with the vibrant...

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Intercultural Marriage: A Ukrainian and a Venezuelan

26 October 2023

"When you have one foundation, one love, one goal, the difference in culture ceases to be important”: Ukrainian missionary in Venezuela Yulia...

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About Older Persons Day

28 September 2023

October 1 is the International Day of Older Persons, proclaimed by the United Nations in 1995. The day was first celebrated in Europe, then in the...

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What should a contemporary artist do in church?

27 September 2023

The creative journey of Tetiana Vasenda, an artist and wife of a CITA missionary from Ternopil, began in 2014. Then Tania realized that God had...

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Book Printer Ivan Fyodorov: myths and truths. On the occasion of anniversary of the Ostroh Bible

8 August 2023

August 12 marks the 442nd anniversary of the Ostroh Bible, the first full edition of the Slavic Bible published by Ivan Fedorovych and ‘Fyodorov’...

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Widows: Society Must Hear the Pain of Broken Hearts

22 June 2023

On June 23, the international community marks the Day of Widows to remind society about the most vulnerable category of mankind and their children...

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What is success like for a missionary?

12 December 2022

Life of one person is not enough to put a great plan of the Creator into effect. But everyone who has responded to God’s calling has own time and...

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What helps a church grow?

17 October 2022

The early church “every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and...

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How to remain faithful in ministry?

19 January 2022

Out of ten people, only one person remains in ministry until the age of 65. That is according to John Maxwell, a well-known author, speaker and...

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Missionaries’ advices

29 November 2021

Missionaries’ advices on how to talk about God with different people: ● Do not set a goal to prove something, but speak about what Bible says and...

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The newspaper is distributed

7 November 2021

The newspaper is distributed in Ukraine, Spain, Italy, USA, Ethiopia. The newspaper contains interesting and useful articles that are based on...

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“Questions for communication”!

21 July 2021

This game can be used anywhere, with any company, in order to get to know people, and, of course, to share the Gospel! After all, it all starts with...

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