Missionaries’ advices

29 November 2021

Missionaries’ advices on how to talk about God with different people:

● Do not set a goal to prove something, but speak about what Bible says and share about your faith;

● Do not view non-Christians as enemies, but have love and respect for everyone;

● As you talk with Muslims and Jews, do not begin with the New Testament, but remember that Torah, the Old Testament, is the foundation for all three religions. Common themes can help to start a dialogue;

● For people who value relationships, start a friendly dialogue with them first, and then they will want to hear about your faith in Jesus;

● Consider the culture of the people you communicate with (the choice of clothes, a special greeting, etc). It is always good to learn a few words in the native language of the person you are communicating with;

● If you purposefully want to reach a certain people group, learn their language, and be sure to learn the basics of culture and religion of these people.
It is worth remembering that the most important thing in preaching the Gospel is to be open and to love people, and the Holy Spirit will fill your mouth and give you wisdom as you preach God’s Word.

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