How did a girl who nobody loved become an ambassador for the underprivileged? The autobiography of Dorie Van Stone

3 June 2024

Jesus Christ’s last words to his disciples before his ascension, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit” (Matthew 28:19), are often quoted in churches, and there is probably not a single Christian who does not know that this is the fulfillment of the Great Commission. 

Christ’s message was addressed to the disciples of the early church as well as to His disciples in the modern church. We call those who are sent to different parts of the world missionaries. The destiny of each of them in different eras and centuries creates a holistic picture of the fulfillment of the Great Commission and thus the multiplication of saved souls. 

The biography of each missionary can serve as an example for imitating the principles of service and help reveal the secrets of earthly existence, thus enriching the experience of evangelism for future generations of Christians.

веб стаття дівчинка яку ніхто не любив

One of the many biographies is the story of missionary Dorie Van Stone, who was once “the girl nobody loved. This is the title of her autobiography, in which she recounts the facts and experiences of her life: “Dorie, The Girl Nobody Loved.”

Who would have thought that the life of a lonely girl, rejected by everyone (without exaggeration), who survived emotional and physical abuse, would become a vivid example of God’s love, forgiveness and help for many broken hearts? 

Dorie Van Stone was born in 1922 to a 15-year-old mother who forbid her daughter to call her mother, avoided her, reproached her for her unattractive appearance, never picked her up, never hugged her, and finally left her in an orphanage in the San Francisco area, which she visited only twice. The little girl’s heart was bleeding and she often wondered: “Will anyone ever love me?”

At the orphanage, a special visitor told her that there was someone who loved her – Jesus Christ. Dorie clung to the truth about Jesus so tightly that He truly became her friend. 

Despite ridicule and misunderstanding, as well as further abuse in foster care, she did not become mentally ill or violent, but instead experienced continued support from her unseen true Friend. 

While in the orphanage, Dorie received the only and greatest gift of her life, the New Testament. Since then, the Word of God has been her strength in every situation she has faced. 

Dorie’s dream was a loving family. But even the kind people who invited Dorie to live with them could only offer her a governess job. Similarly, the believers at the church where Dorie was a member took her in to gain human acceptance, but in reality treated her cruelly.

The book is gripping from the first pages, evoking sympathy for the little girl and the question: can a child’s soul endure the level of suffering that has fallen to her lot? One cannot help but feel for the girl’s situation and wait for the light at the end of the tunnel to appear for her. 

The book consists of four chapters, each of which opens a new era in the life of the protagonist. It is co-authored by Erwin Lutzer, a pastor in Chicago, a bachelor of arts, and the author of several books, including the historic Hitler’s Cross.

Dorie Van Stone’s story is full of bitter, painful moments as well as peaks of happiness, as she finally met a man who loved her and became a two-time mother. But the story does not end there. 

Dorie told us a lot about her difficult but interesting life as a missionary, full of adventure and danger.

Together with her family, she served in New Guinea, where Dorie was able to understand and love the Dani tribe, whose language did not have the word “love”.  

“A heart that has experienced pain knows what the other feels,” Dorie says in her book.  

In the Christian world, there is no clear answer to the question of which is more important: family or ministry? 

It seems that Dorie answered honestly, at least to herself, and acted in accordance with her chosen priority – family.  

The missionary’s son had stopped eating and was crying constantly, begging his mother to “never leave him again.” This happened after he was sent to a school where there were no parents. 

Dorie did not ignore her son’s depressed state and left the ministry. She put her children first, believing that it was God who called her to serve her own children.

“What could be more important than teaching children to live by biblical principles?” So says the author. 

This does not look romantic and heroic, as missionary work is usually perceived, but this approach is a good example for other missionaries who have not yet decided on their priorities.  

The fact that the book is written in the form of a story helps to remember the missionary’s biography better, because it is the story that can evoke experiences and feelings in the reader/listener, and make them see themselves in the main character. 

In the last years of her life, Dorie became a tireless advocate for orphans and broken hearts around the world. So much so that over the years she became known as “God’s Orphan Ambassador”! Wherever God led her, Dorie gave the same hope that was given to her so many years ago by repeating those wonderful words of life: “Jesus loves you!

In November 2009, Forever Changed International named their Guatemalan orphanage ‘Dorie’s Promise’. 

This home was the answer to Dorie’s long-held desire to provide each child with the safe haven and loving care they deserve. 

Knowing what it was like to be “the one nobody loves,” Dorie never wanted other orphans to feel hopeless or ashamed. Dorie made it a point to never leave an orphanage without hugging every child. She was always ready to touch a shoulder and pray for a hurting heart.

The best Author in the history of mankind – the Creator Himself – has written an unsurpassed story about a girl who was rejected by everyone, but after experiencing God’s love, she was completely transformed and was able to bring change to an unjust society and influence many people.

The book gives hope that God has an answer for every person, no matter how difficult their fate. The only question is, will that person be able to trust Him? Dorie became one of those people.

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