How to open a children’s club: master-class from the missionary of CITA

30 January 2024

Inna Titova, a CITA missionary who has been ministering to children in the Mykolaiv region for more than 10 years, shared the steps to opening a children’s club.


First. Begin with prayer and receive revelation and vision from God. 

Second. Buy colorful equipment and find good music.


Third. Organize some general activities for children (sports grounds, leisure programs, visiting children in school or kindergarten). 

Fourth. Make friends with the local authorities. 

Fifth. Announce the opening of the club through local authorities and online resources.

Six. Create groups in messengers for further communication and invite parents and grandparents to help run the club.


“The most important thing is that children and parents know that this is a Christian club, not just an entertainment club. Of course, patience and persistence are needed, as well as regular meetings. Even if only a few children come, you should continue the club.

Remember that it is important to show them the love of Christ, to hug them, to take an interest in their lives, to give them compliments and praise! And, of course, give them treats, surprises, and interesting programs! Inna shared.

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