“Questions for communication”!

21 July 2021

This game can be used anywhere, with any company, in order to get to know people, and, of course, to share the Gospel! After all, it all starts with warm conversation and relationships!

The icebreaker game has 5 categories of questions to choose from. Each person can get points for the answers. Whoever gets the most points is the winner.

Categories of questions in the game:
– general;
– for children;
– complex;
– spiritual;
– biblical.

The categories of questions are distributed by color with each question on a separate card.
The game is translated into 4 languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English, Amharic (Ethiopia).
For those who want to study the Bible more in-depth, a version of the game with only biblical questions is available in Russian and Ukrainian languages.
You can use the game for sharing the Gospel with family, friends and different context.
You can order the game by filling out a short form: FORMS
You also have a chance to get the game from “Christ is the answer” Ministries as a gift by participating in the draw in one of several social networks. Subscribe to one of the social network page and follow the updates:


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