Game for couples: Strengthen your marriage

21 June 2024

A new Christian resource, the “Questions for Married Couples” game, can help improve and deepen the relationship between husband and wife.

The game is designed for those who are already married.

The box contains 100 questions and 20 tasks.

The design of the box and the cards is in Provence style with delicate flowers in pastel colors.  

The questions are divided into two blocks: mental and spiritual. The condition for a successful game is the most sincere and open answers.

The tasks will help couples to spend a good time together and to get closer to each other.


In addition to the rules, the creators offer some additional advice to couples playing this game:

– Be honest and open with each other.

– Listen to each other with understanding.

– Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable with one another.

– Pray together for your family relationships.

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