Through eye clinics, we not only take care of people’s physical needs, but also fulfill the Great Commission of bringing people to Christ.
How does this happen?
Special equipment for examination, glasses for different types of vision are purchased in advance, and a qualified ophthalmologist is invited to check the vision of the visitors. Invitations to clinic are posted all around a city. When people come, while they are waiting for their turn, they have a chance to listen to testimonies about Jesus Christ, they are offered free Christian literature, a cup of tea. When their turn comes, an ophthalmologist conducts an examination, gives them recommendations, prescribes right type of glasses, and offers free pair of glasses.

Where did this idea come from?
Once, having seen such mobile eye clinic in action in eastern Ukraine, CITA Director Taras Sen’ began to actively implement this approach in the places where our missionaries serve in Ukraine and Ethiopia.
More than 110 mobile eye clinics were organized in 10 regions of Ukraine. During 4 years, about 7000 people received help. One eye clinic can serve about 65 people per event. More than 4,000 people received assistance in Rivne alone (up to 2021).