CITA missionaries serve the poor in Ternopil for 5 years

2 April 2024

“A ministry of mercy”. This is how Andriy Vasenda, a missionary with Christ Is the Answer, and his team call the outreach to the poor they serve at the Bread of Life congregation in Ternopil. The missionary shared the character and results of this five-year ministry.


The ministry of mercy focuses on families with many children, families who have lost a breadwinner, children raised by grandmothers, people with disabilities, and families in difficult circumstances.

These people receive food, clothing, etc. But missionary Andriy believes that the most important thing is to build relationships with them:


“I think it is important in this ministry that we can build personal relationships with these people, show them their value, make them understand that they are not rejected, but accepted. We try to help them integrate into society so that they can change their lifestyle. Our goal is to build relationships with them.

The ministry has two formats: Home visits and invitations to Sunday services, themed events and workshops:


“We visit more than 10 families with food packages and a willingness to talk.  As part of the service, the families come to buy food, choose clothes and hygiene products. We also offer them tea/coffee and a chance to talk and listen. During these meetings we pray for them. We ask them what they need. But regardless of the format, we communicate with each family individually.

This approach, says the missionary, is effective because people accept Christ. Since the ministry’s start, ten families have turned to the Lord, and some of them are already ministering to others, reaching a total of more than 400 vulnerable people.

Read Andriy Vasenda’s recommendations on how to find people who need help and how to work with them.

Charity is one of the activities of Christ is the Answer Ministry. Poor people in Ukraine, Ethiopia, India, Bangladesh and other countries receive help.

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