Severely wounded, children of war, widows: The ministry of the CITA missionaries in June 

3 July 2024

In June, Christ Is the Answer missionaries from Ternopil met with severely wounded soldiers, wives of fallen heroes, and held a special program for children of war. Missionaries from Rivne organized a camp in the Carpathian Mountains for IDPs and combatants. And in the Mykolaiv region, local missionaries continue to serve as chaplains.  

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According to Andriy Vasenda, a missionary and chaplain from Ternopil, during hot weather, seriously wounded soldiers can be taken out of their hospital rooms to go fishing. Such trips took place weekly in June with up to 25 participants. The missionaries spent time with each of them, talking to them personally and cooking together over a fire.  

The missionary says the program also includes a short word of hope and prayer. And the Ministry’s “Questions for Communication” game helps bring them closer together. 

Some of these heroes go through physical pain and discomfort to participate in the trip because they have a desire and see a positive impact on their souls. 


A team of missionaries from the local church organized a picnic for the widows and their children, which was attended by 50 people. They shared a meal, swam, had a master class, played games, and served cotton candy to the children. 

The missionaries see such events as a good way to minister to vulnerable women and their children.  

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For the children of war who lost their fathers in the war, the missionaries conducted a special program developed by the international children’s mission OpSAFE. Every Saturday for five weeks, about 20 children of fallen soldiers and children from the local church gathered to spend time learning and getting to know each other. 

The program involved working with the children in small groups. According to program coordinator Tetiana Vasenda, this approach makes it possible to observe each child: from the beginning to the end, and to see how much this program helped them overcome stress and open up. 

“It was a fulfilling time for the children. We saw what kind of children they were when they arrived, they were introverted, and in the process, they gradually opened up, were happy, and sincerely shared their impressions,” Tetiana said. 

Rivne missionaries of Christ is the Answer organized a camp for more than 60 people, including IDPs from Bakhmut, Sloviansk, and Kharkiv, and combatants who were wounded in Donbas. The camp was held in the picturesque Carpathian Mountains, in Yaremche.


Over five days, the participants went on excursions, got to know each other better, took a break from their usual routines, and received spiritual guidance.  

“On the first day we arrived, we had a worship service in the evening, and I preached about the mistakes of the first people, about God’s efforts to set everything right through Christ, about how God calls people, that Jesus is the only way to salvation. God’s Spirit touched our hearts,” said Taras Sen, director of the Ministry, on his Facebook page. 

According to Mykolaiv-based missionary Hennadiy Holota, who also serves as a chaplain, their ministry helps not only the military but also their families. For example, one soldier’s daughter was freed from drug addiction after the chaplains’ ministry in Mykolaiv. 

Ministering to the vulnerable and underprivileged is the focus of Christ Is the Answer (CITA) missionaries. 

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