CITA missionaries summed up the results for April

4 May 2022

At the online meeting of the ministries team of the Christ is the Answer on May 2, the missionaries shared the results of their work in the regions of Ukraine, as well as successes in international ministry, in particular, in Ethiopia.

CITA missionaries summed up the results for April

The team meeting brought together missionaries from the Rivne, Kharkiv, Mykolaiv and Kyiv regions of Ukraine, as well as those missionaries from the Donbass and the Southern region who, due to hostilities, moved and serve the settlers and refugees in the western regions of Ukraine.

Ministers of the Kyiv region said that many people come to the church in the region who are ready to convert to God, more than ever before.
In another region of the same area, the missionaries serve on a permanent basis about 20 people who need support, prayer, attention and care.

In Rivne, the missionary team continues to develop evangelistic service in tents and free eye clinics, including for displaced persons. During the month, 26,000 newspapers were distributed and more than 70 outreach events were held.

CITA missionaries summed up the results for April

An Easter holiday for displaced children was also held by joint efforts.

In Mykolaiv, the local church, where the Christ is the Answer missionaries serve, became a source of water through a well on the territory of the church during the long-term absence of water supply in the city. While people are waiting for their turn, a team of ministers are telling them the Gospel and distributing food.

The missionary from the Kharkiv region emphasized the importance of seeking God’s face and rooting in God in order to effectively continue to serve, because strong internal and external resistance of spiritual forces can weaken and leave God’s field, which sometimes happens in the life of ministers.

In order to preach the Gospel, the Kharkiv missionary team uses various tools to attract people: humanitarian aid, including from the state, food packages, Christian newspapers and the development of long-term relationships. In the local church, it is possible to hold three Sunday meetings every week, and, as a rule, the hall is completely filled with people.

Immigrant missionaries from Donbas also serve the immigrants in Western Ukraine. For example, in the Khmelnytskyi region, the missionary team holds daily prayer meetings and distributes food packages every week. They also go to Donbas with humanitarian aid and evacuate people.

At the same time, the Ministries continues to develop international ministry, in particular, in Ethiopia.

CITA missionaries summed up the results for April

Within two months of the opening of the missionary center and founding a local church in this country of the Horn of Africa, tent ministry and street evangelism began to develop strongly. Missionaries distributed 20,000 Christian newspapers among the population. A local missionary emphasizes the effectiveness of this tool: people call the indicated phone numbers, and then come to the service at the church. The newly opened church already has about 50 people who regularly attend meetings.

The development strategy of the local church includes taking care of people, so ministers visit people every day, pray with them, and spend time together.

CITA missionary team meetings are held monthly.

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