A Missionary from Zaporizhzhia Ministers to the Needy in the Kharkiv Region

8 August 2023

Izium, Zmiyiv, Zanky, Balaklia are localities in the Kharkiv region a CITA missionary from Zaporizhzhia, Ihor Pimenov, visits to share the Good News with the needy.


Originally from the Donbass, the missionary Ihor was forced to move together with his family to the town of Izium in the Kharkiv region in 2015. The full-scale invasion of Russia into Ukraine made him leave his home again and move to the Zaporizhzhia region. After Berdiansk was occupied, Ihor settled in Zaporizhzhia. He lives there and evangelizes today.

From time to time, the missionary goes to Zmiyiv to have his documents reissued and in order “not to waste time,” he preaches the Gospel in a regional facility for the disabled there, four tuberculosis sanatoriums where the needy, homeless and internally displaced people live.


Traveling across the region by a commuter train, the missionary distributes evangelistic newspapers of the ministries to passengers and tells them about Jesus Christ.

According to Ihor, personnel allow him to pray and preach to people, and distribute Christian literature.


On his last visit, the missionary brought two wheel chairs to the sanatorium, fruits and vegetables for elderly people and held a service for them.

He shared a story of a 22-year old disabled boy who was sent to one tuberculosis sanatorium to die. But God had other plans. Today, this young man gathers a dozen people and studies the Bible with them, though he is unable to hear. Sometimes, Ihor preaches together with him in commuter trains.

Local churches of different denominations in Izium help Ihor to serve in the Kharkiv region.


CITA missionaries in Zaporizhzhia develop the ministry to the needy, internally displaced, street tent ministry. The team of missionaries pays special attention to the creation and development of the four children’s clubs in the town.

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