The CITA ministries used a new outreach tool in Ukraine

10 January 2023

Missionaries of the Christ is the Answer continue to serve the Ukrainian people using various tools of preaching the Gospel, reminding of the main thing at Christmas time. In December, the missionaries tried a new method of outreach, used for the first time in Rivne, which is a mobile banner.


“For several days now, we have been reminding people of the most important thing: the Christ is the Answer ministries’ car has been going around the city of Rivne with banners which tell people about the most popular person in the world, Jesus Christ. They look at the mobile banner, especially those traveling in city transport. The main thing is for the Holy Spirit to speak to their hearts and lead them to salvation. We use all methods to preach about Christ”, shared the director of the Mission, Taras Sen.


Another 130,000 circulation of the Christ is the Answer newspaper was published in December. The edition was dedicated to Christmas.


Two hundred thousand calendars of 20 types, many of which contain a prayer for Ukraine, were also printed and distributed throughout Ukraine.

According to the missionaries, people are very happy and grateful for the calendars, many have been waiting for them because they receive them every year. And pensioners ask for calendars with the prayer “Our Heavenly Father” so that their grandchildren can learn it by heart.


For different regions of Ukraine, the Mission printed an additional edition of 10,000 gift boxes for children’s events. Also, such boxes were ordered by churches in the de-occupied territories.


New billboards have been put up on the streets of Rivne city, reminding its residents of the eternal things.


And in the villages of the Rivne region, the missionaries installed Gospel cubes.


During December, missionaries and volunteers in Ternopil, Rivne, Kyiv oblast, Sumy oblast, Khmelnytskyi oblast received humanitarian aid for war victims: food, hygiene and medical supplies, clothing.


In Kharkiv oblast and Mykolaiv oblast, local missionaries continue to take care of widows, the elderly, sick and low-income people, providing food packages.

In Zaporizhzhia, CITA missionaries have children’s clubs and street outreach events.


A tent is open every day in Rivne, where missionaries distribute Christian literature and communicate with people.

CITA missionaries serve in the Western, Southern and Eastern regions of Ukraine to needy people, using various tools to preach the Good News.

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