Taras Sen: “It never occurred to me that I would share the Good News with the descendants of Indian tribes”

1 September 2022

How did a team of missionaries preach the Gospel to the descendants of the Mazahua tribe in Mexico?
What is most impressive in the land of cacti and sombreros? How do Ukrainian missionaries plan to cooperate with their Mexican colleagues in the future?
Taras Sen, director of the Christ is the Answer international ministries and pastor of the church of the same name in Rivne, told us about it.

Taras Sen: "It never occurred to me that I would share the Good News with the descendants of Indian tribes"

Taras, could you tell us how you ended up in Mexico?

I prayed for a long time about expanding the boundaries of the ministry of the Christ is the Answer. And the plans included African countries (We started ministry in Ethiopia not so long time ago). I received a personal revelation from God that He would make His miracles. Also, the Lord told me through the Holy Spirit that I would be amazed at how wonderfully He would lead me. A trip to Mexico is God’s miracle. Because He connects me with the right people, opens the door exactly at the time when it is most needed. When I served in Poland, I happened to meet a pastor from Mexico, and due to him the trip to this country became possible.

I can see with my own eyes the fulfillment of God’s promises that the boundaries of the ministry of the mission “Christ is the answer” are expanding. God fulfills His Word no matter what.

You mentioned on your social networks that your time in Mexico was hectic but fruitful. Could you please tell us more about how exactly you ministered in Mexico?

Taras Sen: "It never occurred to me that I would share the Good News with the descendants of Indian tribes"

We were in Mexico for four days, three of them in active ministry. We had a meeting with the pastors and 50 church ministers. I talked about the ministry of the Christ is the Answer, testified about God’s miracles, preached the Gospel. We also conducted free ophthalmology clinics. But my primary goal was to teach the team to organize such charity events.

Therefore, we separately held a training workshop for the Mexican team to share our experience. Everything went well and we agreed on further cooperation. So, we will order equipment and glasses so that our Mexican colleagues can continue to arrange such charity events.

We also attended church services where Mexicans sincerely prayed for Ukraine. I talked about the situation in our country.

We also visited the needy and distributed food packages. People were happy and thanked us sincerely.

We also held a family meeting, which was attended by local pastors and their wives, and members of the local church.

I was impressed that we held eye clinics for descendants of the Mazahua tribe. It never occurred to me that I would encounter any descendants of Indian tribes. However, God’s plans are not my plans. They always serve for good.

Local ministers are open for cooperation… They invited me to come to Mexico again.

Mexico is quite a diverse country. What impressed you the most and was the most memorable in this trip?

Taras Sen: "It never occurred to me that I would share the Good News with the descendants of Indian tribes"

What immediately catches the eye in Mexico are incredibly beautiful landscapes, and I especially liked the mountains. I was amazed at the variety of trees. I also tried several types of exotic fruits, many of which grow here. Mexicans grow a lot of corn, because it is their national product. They bake bread from it and cook soup.

Mexicans are friendly and hospitable people. During my 4 days in this country, I met many good people.

I was also struck by the fact that there are many images of skulls and skeletons on the walls and on people’s clothes. One gets the impression of a cult of death. Many souvenirs are sold, and half of them are paraphernalia related to death. To understand this fact, it is necessary to look into history.

As you know, the city of Mexico was founded by the Aztecs, and they had different superstitions regarding death. Conquering other tribes, they sacrificed people. The Aztecs were particularly cruel.

However, when the Spaniards came to the territory of Mexico, they defeated the Aztecs with the help of other tribes. The Spanish destroyed Aztec temples and built Christian churches, so Catholicism and Protestantism are widespread in Mexico today. But, as the locals told me, there is now a widespread tendency to restore ancient traditions.

In Mexico, children are often kidnapped, then ransom is demanded. You can often see how parents walk with their children tied to them. I saw it with my own eyes in Mexico City.

So, the first missionary trip is over. Could you please share your plans regarding further cooperation with Mexican colleagues?

Taras Sen: "It never occurred to me that I would share the Good News with the descendants of Indian tribes"

The world is huge. Each country has its own culture, its own problems, its own achievements, its own spiritual level. While I was in Mexico, I tried to see what the spiritual situation was like in that country, how things were going with outreach, whether we could help with the Great Commission. I am focusing on this.

We are going to continue working in Mexico, in particular, to arrange charity events: eye clinics and distribution of food packages. We will print tents for street evangelism and plan to print the Christ is the Answer newspaper, and start a YouTube channel in Spanish.

The interview was taken by the press center of the Christ is the Answer Ministries.

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