Life is valuable: Zaporizhzhia features children’s clubs (feedback)

4 August 2023

Life is valuable. CITA missionaries in Zaporizhzhia and region use this program to conduct children’s clubs. This is the fourth time this summer.


Each of the five days of the event is on a separate theme related to the value of life overall, life on the planet Earth, unique personality, neighbor as well as value of time one has to use wisely.


According to the missionaries, they encourage young participants to view life as a gift from God and an opportunity to do something useful on this Earth from the very first day of the children’s club.


The program includes moving and non-moving games, water entertainment, dancing, songs, lunch, discussion of Bible stories and their theatrical interpretation. In the evening, children can watch videos about all activities during the day, which makes children happy about experienced emotions and joint efforts.


On the last day, children invite their parents to an evangelism event. At the end, everyone sings “a camp song” about friendship and unity.


The missionary Ivan is sure that such events leave a good reflection in the hearts of children for many years and enable them to reach out children and adults with the Gospel in a simple manner.

This is what parents think about children’s clubs.

“Thank you not only for the children’s club, but also for being in our life. Children go to you with joy and return in a good mood. You are doing important work. Children make friends, communicate, develop rather than spend time with gadgets. Thank you again. Continue doing it!!!” Akim’s father.

“We are thankful to the team for high-quality organization of leisure for our children! Our Children will have bright memories of this year’s holidays due to your care!” Liudmyla

“I would like to thank you all: a child is really content. He was happy to come to you every day. Special thanks that you managed to make him interested so much that he forgot about his tablet and chose to communicate with you and other children. Strength to you and inspiration!” Oleh Donchenko

“Your celebration days were relevant both in mood and diversity. You are a strong and friendly team, talented organizers and generous partners. But the most important is that you managed to multiply goodness in the hearts of our children! Thank you very much! We wish you new inspiration and new victories!!!” Natalia


Childre’ns clubs, events inside and outside are an effective outreach instrument used by CITA in Ukraine and beyond with the help of various programs and tools.

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