Sports grounds
Children’s sports and entertainment events are held in different cities and villages where our missionaries serve. Our missionaries create special playgrounds with air trampolines and slides for children of different ages. Over the course of three years, the CITA Ministries has organized over 100 evangelistic projects using such playgrounds. During these events children learn about Jesus Christ, find new friends, find out about Sunday school lessons in their area, which they begin to visit and then bring their parents to a church.

Special celebration events
During major Christian holidays, special celebration events are organized at which local residents have an opportunity to hear about God’s great love and salvation. During such holidays as Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christian ministers prepare a special program designed for non-Christians. The program may include short sermons with a biblical story on the theme of the holiday, theatrical performances, cartoons for children, games, contests, songs and gifts.
There may be about a hundred of children and their parents at each of these festive events. In big cities the numbers of participants are much higher. Many of the children who come are from single-parent, large or low-income families. Some of them are internally displaced living away from their home. The main reason for organizing holiday events for children is to bring joy and Christ’s love to the hearts of these little kids.