CITA: more than a thousand people in Ukraine hear the Good News on the Day of Evangelism (feedback)

31 May 2023

In Zaporizhzhia, Ternopil, Rivne, Mykolaiv region, Kharkiv region, and Kyiv region, 1165 people heard the Good News through children’s events, street outreach events, ministry to the needy, widows, prisons, and in public transport – missionaries from the Christ is the Answer (CITA) participated in the celebration of Evangelism Day.

On May 27, the international Christian community celebrated Evangelism Day. For the fifth year in a row, the youth movement “Staiger” has been the organizer of this day in Ukraine. Christians around the world shared about Jesus, initiating outreach events in their cities.
CITA missionaries shared what Evangelism Day means to them.


“For me, as a missionary, every day is a day of evangelism. But each day is different. There are times when people approach us and show interest in the Word, and their hearts and minds are open to hear and respond. And there are times when we need to demonstrate the Gospel in action. We have had situations in our tent ministry where people approached us, for example, with poor health. One woman, barely able to stand, came to us asking for an ambulance. We served her as best we could. Through such acts, people see that our words about Christ are not baseless and that we practice what we preach. There are days when we face humiliation for spreading the Gospel, endure insults and mockery. Although for me, this is not unexpected, as Jesus Christ warned that we would be persecuted for His name,” shared Andriy, a CITA missionary from Rivne, who serves continuously in the tent ministry.


“Evangelism Day for me is an opportunity to express gratitude, first and foremost to God as our Savior, by sharing that He died for our sins. It’s also a chance to thank and honor those people who preached and paved the way to us so that today we can spread the Gospel,” shared Ivan, a CITA missionary from Zaporizhzhia.


“For me, Evangelism Day is a wonderful opportunity to join various churches and communities united by the desire to bring the Good News to all those who are in despair today. And this day is an opportunity to popularize the Gospel,” said Andriy, a missionary from Ternopil, who serves war veterans and widows.

The Christ is the Answer ministries was created with the purpose of spreading the Good News in Ukraine and beyond its borders using various tools to serve people.

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