CITA-missionaries organize activities for Children’s Protection Day

7 June 2023

In Zaporizhzhia, Rivne, and the Mykolaiv region, missionary teams from the Christ is the Answer prepared inflatable slides, trampolines, and treats for young guests at local children’s celebrations.

Mykolaiv Region


Nearly 50 children aged 2 to 15 gathered in the village of Mykhailivka of the Novoodeska community for the celebration.
According to the missionaries, the children were happy, thanked them for the holiday, and hugged them like close friends.

In this village, the CITA team is preparing to open a Christian center for children and adults in the building of the former post office, which was handed over to the missionaries by the local authorities for ministry. The local authorities also thanked the missionaries for organizing the celebration in Mykhailivka.


In Dilnyche, in addition to the entertainment part, a Bible lesson on the value of a child before God and a thematic felt craft “Heart” were prepared for the children, which the children will pass on to support Ukrainian defenders. Finally, everyone enjoyed strawberries.



At the request of the local authorities of Orikhivskyi district, missionaries from CITA organized an entertainment program for 60 displaced children in this city, who had been evacuated from the regional center.
In one of the children’s clubs where ministers regularly provide services, a birthday celebration with contests for children and their mothers was organized for Children’s Protection Day. In another club, street events with entertainment and treats were held.


The missionaries mentioned that they were able to have outreach event for the parents and have conversations with them in one of the children’s clubs. They are confident that when parents turn to God, their children are more likely to become involved in Christian life.



For the third consecutive year, missionaries from CITA in Rivne joined the celebration of Children’s Protection Day organized by the local Art and Culture Center, providing entertainment equipment such as trampolines and slides.
Among the participants were many children of military personnel and displaced individuals. The director of the Christ is the Answer ministries and the pastor of the local church, Taras Sen, was invited to speak at the event, where he shared some biblical truths.


Anatoliy Chuhuevets, the director of the Art and Culture Center, acknowledged the religious community where CITA missionaries serve, saying, “Children eagerly await the opportunity to enjoy sweet cotton candy and popcorn, jump on the trampoline, and slide down the inflatable slide. But spiritual formation of the child is also an important aspect among all the entertainment, which is exactly what you are doing.”

One of the tools for spreading the Gospel in the ministries is children’s ministry, which includes recreational and sports facilities, children’s clubs, and the “Superbook,” among others.

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