CITA missionaries distribute wood stoves in Mykolaiv region

24 January 2023

The team of the Christ is the Answer missionaries from Nova Odesa distributes wood stoves in the villages of the Mykolaiv region.


According to the missionaries, there are such villages with not a single surviving house, so there is a special demand for such stoves: “An old man dug a hole in the middle of the house and heated the room in this way. We have put a wood stove for him, and you can cook food on it. He is so happy and thankful!”.


Wood stoves also went to the temporarily displaced.

A total of one hundred metal wood stoves were received from the foreign mission.


Missionaries are also helping to renew church services in Snigurivka, which was deoccupied at the beginning of November, in the local church, the building of which has not been destroyed. Twenty people came to the church last time, the ministers said, most of whom had not attended such a congregation before.

Two missionaries work in Nova Odesa, they create children’s and youth ministry in remote villages of the region, visit widows, the elderly, and people with disabilities, bringing them food packages.

Press center of the Christ is the Answer ministries.

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