CITA Missionaries Are Developing their Ministry in India and Ethiopia

1 December 2022

In November, Christ is the Answer missionaries met CITA ministers from India and Ethiopia and held a number of events.



“This is a country with tremendous potential to preach the Gospel since Christians make only 3% out of 1.5 billion population,” says the Director of the Christ is the Answer about India he visited for the first time last fall.

For Hinduism followers who make the majority of the country’s population Jesus Christ is not the only God but just one of a great number of gods they pray to in the belief that those will save them from demons.


While on his trip to India, Taras Sen met students of the missionary school set up by CITA missionaries in September. He taught on traps a minister could get in (pride, pursuit of money, sexual temptations), balance between the family and ministry, ways to reach people out with the Goods News through street ministry in tents and on bigboards, and shared about the ministry in Africa. He went on a picnic together with the students where all of them made friends and talked.

“Missionary schools are a good opportunity. Ministers motivate new-comers to get involved into missionary work during several months of training. However, we are inclined to help people get a degree in theology, for example, to train qualified pastors,” shared Taras Sen.


A minister from Ukraine held a seminar about eye clinics and a family meeting for ministers of local churches in India. Many of the latter got inspired with the idea to hold such meetings at their churches.

According to Anhelina Filatova, a missionary in India, they, together with Taras Sen, visited ministers in remote areas of the country to support and strengthen people, especially those who have recently lost their dear ones.


We have helped poor people who have lost their breadwinners. He reminded that God is a faithful promise-keeper in all trials and inspired Christians to follow Jesus and use the power He provided all His disciples with.


We also went on a visit to a village of the poor to bring food provision there. This ensured access of the local missionaries to these people and enabled them to preach the Gospel to the poor residents of the village.

Currently, representatives of the Christ is the Answer in India are working on creation of a media department. They are looking for committed workers and a theme of the future newspaper in the Hindi language.



Ukrainian missionaries came to this country of Horn of Africa for the fourth time this fall. The main goal was to conduct a crusade.

According to the Director of the Mission, it was a pleasure to see the church in Addis Ababa in person, preach and pray together.

He preached from the book of Jeremiah and spoke about obedience to God’s voice, about the importance of adjusting one’s heart to listen to God regardless of age: “God knew Jeremiah in the womb. God knows you and me and has plans for each of us. If we listen and obey God’s voice, His plan will be fulfilled in our lives. God placed Jeremiah over the nations to uproot and destroy, and to plant and build. The church is also appointed by God to destroy the works of the devil on earth. And he has a duty – to be filled with the power of God and bring people liberation from sin, delusion, evil spirits and healing from various mental injuries.”


Taras Sen held the first water baptism in the African Christ is the Answer church : “Ten people decided to firmly follow God. I baptized Africans for the first time in my life.
Praise God for the action of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of people. The soul rejoices. We thank God for the missionaries of the Ministries in Africa, for all the opportunities and asistance.”


Missionaries visited the sick in the hospital, prayed for them and distributed gifts with newspapers and calendars. Many children get sick and are hospitalized because they don’t eat well, says minister Taras Sen.


For the needs of the crusade, in December in the city of Dilla, the media department of CITA in Ethiopia printed another one hundred thousand edition of the evangelistic newspaper. There have already been several cases when people came to the church through the contacts indicated in this Gospel tool.

Ukrainian missionaries visited Ethiopia for the first time in the spring of 2021. At the same summer, they organized a branch of the media center, where they publish the evangelistic newspaper Christ is the Answer and calendars in Amharic and Oromo languages.

YouTube and Telegram channels and a Facebook page have also been created in Amharic. The content of the resources includes sermons, quotes from various preachers, Bible verses, testimonies, animated videos.

In cooperation with local churches, in April and October 2021, the Christ is the Answer ministries conducted two evangelistic crusades, and in February 2022 – the third one. In spring of this year, the ministries opened a missionary center and a local church.



In various cities of Mexico, a local church friendly to the Christ is the Answer ministries conducts eye clinics. Local brothers and sisters not only help people improve their eyesight, but also check blood pressure and provide hairdressing services. And most importantly, they preach about Christ.
The Christ is the Answer ministries visited Mexico for the first time this summer.

The Christ is the Answer develops international ministry in 14 countries of the world.

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