CITA Ministries Launch Ministry in Salvador and Nicaragua

14 August 2023

At the beginning of August, missionaries of the international ministries Christ is the Answer returned home after their trip to Salvador and Nicaragua (Central America), where they began cooperation with local churches.


The Ukrainian team visited San-Salvador, a capital, and Esteli, one of the largest cities in Nicaragua, where they, together with local ministers, held charitable events, family meetings and conferences for ministers.


“We taught local teams to conduct eye clinics, held a family meeting, took part in church services, got acquainted with ministers of local churches and agreed upon further cooperation with them. They were very grateful for our visit, ideas and assistance,” shared Taras Sen’, CITA director.

Ukrainian missionaries, along with local churches, prayed for peace in Ukraine. Taras Sen said that many ministers in Central America are standing with Ukraine in their hearts.


Let us remind you that this is the second missionary trip of CITA into Central America. In the summer of 2022, the missionaries visited Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras. Today, eye clinics are successfully operating there.

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