“About the important things”: Taras Sen spoke about ministry on secular media 

5 January 2024

Director of Christ Is the Answer Ministry spoke about God and CITA’s activities in Ukraine and abroad on secular YouTube channel RIVNE LIVE program “About the Important Things”.

“When I travel to different countries, I encourage people to pray for Ukraine, and whenever possible, I do it with Ukrainian flags, as I did, for example, during the crusades in Ethiopia. People there are impressed that a person from Ukraine, which is going through difficult times, has come to serve them,” Taras Sen told host Natalia Demediuk. 

The guest told us how the CITA ministry and Christ is the Answer Church are helping people in Ukraine during the war. How is the ministry serving in Ethiopia and Latin America? What do people abroad say about Ukraine?  How to keep faith in difficult times?

The director also shared the reality of Luhansk captivity and life under occupation in Donbas in 2014-2015.

During the program, Taras Sen showed the audience national costumes and headdresses of Ethiopians and Mexicans, as well as jewelry of African tribes.

Taras Sen strives to treat everyone he serves through the ministry in different countries with respect and does not believe that anyone is inferior to him:

“I try to behave in a way that brings me closer to the people. For example, the Ethiopians were surprised more than once that I stayed to talk with them after teaching in the missionary school, even though I was offered a restaurant and the whites usually eat separately from the blacks”. 

Since October 2023, the director of Christ is the Answer International Ministry has been recording spiritual and educational programs on the local radio station Respect, including those on family issues.  

“In church we often pray for the Rivne and all-Ukrainian media and bless them in the name of the Lord,” the director wrote on his Facebook page. 

From the beginning of his missionary work to the establishment of the Ministry, Taras Sen has worked closely with the secular regional media. His programs are broadcast in Rivne, Ternopil, Khmelnytsky and other regions, and before the occupation – in Luhansk media.

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