Programs of Taras Sen published on the radio “Respect”

12 October 2023

The first programs of the director of the Christ is the Answer Ministry and the pastor of the local church Taras Sen were broadcast on the radio “Respect” in Rivne. Three times a week citizens will listen to the author’s program “Christ is the Answer”.


On the radio, Taras Sen acts as a pastor of the church “Christ is the Answer”, which has been running in Rivne for seven years. The purpose of his 10-minute programs is to preach the Gospel.

The speaker addresses spiritual issues such as “What Jesus Christ redeemed us from”, “Jesus forgives sins”, “Jesus heals diseases”. In the radio program, the author explains about the last judgment, the millennial kingdom, the resurrection of the dead, etc., based on the Bible.

“I am happy to realize that people, for example, while driving in a car, will listen to the Word of God that can touch their hearts. I expect that after hearing the gospel, the audience will respond appropriately,” said Taras Sen.

After several broadcasts, listeners have already called the radio station’s editorial office with positive feedback.

“The broadcast concept of radio “Respect” is aimed at an adult audience, so we included spiritual and educational content in its development. 

Since Mr. Taras and I have known each other for a long time, I offered him to host a series of spiritual-educational programs on our radio. His first recordings showed that there is an audience that listens to the “Christ is the Answer” program.

What Taras Sen tells his listeners is relevant now, when people are looking for a word of truth, a word of support, a way to find themselves in this already dangerous and aggressive world. The war in Ukraine, the war in Israel… all this shows that humanity is going in the wrong direction.

Personally, I’m satisfied with the cooperation with Taras Sen. We got quality content and part of the audience that needed this content is satisfied, we are receiving positive feedback. We hope that we will continue to develop the spiritual-educational direction. And the program “Christ is the Answer” is the first brick in this”, – shared the producer of radio “Respect” Olexandr Khitrov.

Radio “Respect” – a station for the general public, on the air – since July 2022, partially covers Rivne and Khmelnytsky regions, also works in the format of Internet radio.

One of the areas of work of Christ is the Answer International Ministry is media, which provides for the spread of the Gospel, including through TV and radio programs in the media.

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