Zapotec Descendants Prayed for Ukraine 

6 September 2023


About 30% of the population of Mexico are Indians of various tribes. How the descendants of Mayans, Aztecs, Masahua, Zapotecs, and other tribes live now, describes the director of the International Ministry “Christ is the Answer” Taras Sen, who visited several countries of Latin America for the second time.


Taras Volodymyrovych, which countries did you visit during this missionary trip? 

God helped me to visit Latin America for the second time. This time we went to Mexico, El Salvador, and Nicaragua. It was an intense and interesting trip. During the two weeks I spent in these countries, I received incredible impressions. 

This was your second trip to Mexico. What was it like to go to the largest Spanish-speaking country in the world for the second time? 

In Mexico, we visited three cities: Mexico City, Oaxaca, and Toluca de Lerdo. From Oaxaca, we traveled to southern Mexico, the territory of the Zapotec descendants. The first thing you notice when you get here is the incredible beauty of the mountains. There are not enough words of gratitude to the Creator when you see this divine beauty. 

We organized a charity event for the descendants of the Zapotec tribe – an eye clinic where everyone could check their eyesight and get the necessary glasses for free. We also held a family meeting where we talked about the basics of a strong family, participated in interesting contests, and had fun. 

It is very valuable to me that we were able to share our experience of such events and encourage local Christians to do ministry. Eye clinics will be held in this region in the future.


When I told the locals about the situation in Ukraine and asked them to pray with us, they responded with joy and sincerely asked God for peace in our country. It is very important and valuable for us to pray together for an end to the war in Ukraine. We, as Ukrainians, are very happy to see that we are being supported all over the world, without any exaggeration. Everywhere I go, I feel that Christians are praying for Ukraine and they are sincere.

El Salvador and Nicaragua are the countries where the Ministry is starting its work for the first time. Tell us, what have you been able to do and what are your impressions of your stay in these countries?

El Salvador is a small country in Latin America with about seven million people. The first thing you notice when you get there is the incredible heat. It is almost impossible to be outside during the day, only in the evening or after a rainstorm. We visited the city of San Salvador (the capital of El Salvador), which is located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. As I looked at the majesty of the ocean, I thanked God for making everything so beautiful and prayed for peace in Ukraine, which our country so desperately needs.


It is interesting to note that “Salvador” means “Savior” in Spanish. It was Jesus Christ who helped the inhabitants of this country to solve many problems. In the past, El Salvador had developed banditry. People were forced to pay taxes to both the government and the bandits. Many innocent people were brutally murdered. There is a Christian church in a city in El Salvador that is attended by widows of murdered bus drivers. 

Many churches have been praying for God’s help in this situation. A young president, Nayib Bukele, of Palestinian descent, came to power. He declared war on the gangs and defeated them. He also built a huge prison that could hold 40,000 prisoners. After that, life got better in El Salvador.

There we met with pastors, preached in churches, held family meetings and two eye clinics.


The pastor of one of the churches where the eye clinic was held shared a testimony of how God is answering prayer. For a long time, the local Christians had been praying for a Bible in a large print format. The answer came through the ministry of our CITA ministry. 

Ukrainian missionaries held an eye clinic where locals received free vision screenings, medical consultations, and glasses. 

Now everyone can read the Bible in any font without any problems. It is very inspiring to see how God truly answers the prayers of His children.

From El Salvador, we went to Nicaragua. Nicaragua is one of the poorest countries in Latin America. The influence of communism in the past is still very much in evidence. We held a pastors’ conference with 50 local pastors in one of the largest cities in Nicaragua, Estella.

Also in Nicaragua, we visited a garbage dump. Outside the city, people work there every day. Some even live there. At the dump, I rejoiced in two things: that we could help these people and that I was about to leave. We preached the Gospel and gave them Ukrainian chocolate. But it was impossible to stay there for long. The stench, the acrid smoke, the stray dogs, and the fly infestation create an atmosphere that makes you want to leave as soon as possible.

There is mention of Gehenna of fire in the Bible. This is what Christ said about the place of torment. In Israel, it was the valley near the city gates where the garbage and filth were taken. When people fell away from God, children were sacrificed in that valley. Christ warned that no one should enter the place of terrible suffering.

The thought crossed my mind: choosing to live in a garbage dump would be absurd for a rational human being. Likewise, abandoning God and not reflecting on the consequences of one’s actions can have spiritual and moral consequences. 

In El Salvador and Nicaragua, we have organized family meetings, visited Christian churches, and left financial support for those in need. 

What are your future plans for ministry in Latin America? 

As I said, it is wonderful that local Christians are taking over the experience of conducting eye clinics and will continue to do so in Mexico. The mission also plans to develop evangelistic tents and publish a Christian newspaper, Christ is the Answer, in Spanish. 

While I was in Latin America, many pastors came up to me and told me that their hearts were with Ukraine. I am confident that they will continue to pray for peace in Ukraine after we leave. 


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