Zaporizhzhia and Mykolaiv regions: How CITA missionaries minister to children and youth (April)

9 May 2024

In the towns and villages of Zaporizhzhia and Mykolaiv region, Christ Is the Answer missionaries have been conducting youth evangelism and meetings with young people. They are also intensively preparing for summer camps.  

Youth street evangelism in Zaporizhzhia is conducted by missionaries every week in places where young people gather. This time about 20 people participated. 


The team members set up a tea party area for everyone, as well as a map of Ukraine so that any passerby could stop and pray for any city.

They handed out New Testaments and postcards with QR codes to invite people to the youth ministry’s social media page. 

The ministers plan to hold an Alpha course for newly converted youth.


Every week in the village of Petro-Mykhailivka, Zaporizhzhia missionaries hold lessons on self-reliance. One of the topics was values and priorities. After the class, they played volleyball and ate lunch together. 

The missionaries are also building relationships with the parents of their wards, helping them plant vegetables.   

“I want to thank you for the meetings, for everything you do, for all your efforts. Thank you very much, I believe in you and I hope that the meetings will continue to please you and us. With love,” Vadym from Petro-Mykhailivka left a review. 


For each month of the summer the missionaries from New Odessa have planned to hold children’s camps in the villages of the Mykolaiv region. Summer fun awaits children in Nova Odesa, Mykhailivka, Bilousivka, Arbuzynka and Dilnychne. 

This year the missionaries will invite children to the “Treasure Island”. And now they are gradually buying the necessary marine-themed equipment. 

“We are buying sails, a steering wheel, an anchor, flags, lifebuoys, materials to build a ship, we will sew collars for sailors, hats for captains – everything is real,” said Inna Titova, a missionary from New Odesa.  

For the scenario, the team is preparing a program, golden poems, crafts and camp songs. 

Christ Is the Answer missionaries serve in the Western, Eastern and Southern regions of Ukraine, as well as in Ethiopia and India.

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