World Evangelism Day: CITA Ministries to Participate in Steiger Event

9 May 2023

On May 27th, World Evangelism Day is celebrated, with Christians across different continents sharing about Jesus. The CITA ministries is joining this event, organized in Ukraine by the youth movement Steiger.


“In these challenging times, it is crucial to find the strength within ourselves to continue spreading the Gospel and serving others. Use any forms and methods according to the context of your city and the needs of people,” say the event organizers in Ukraine.

Missionary teams from the Western, Eastern, and Southern regions of Ukraine will participate in the initiative and carry out evangelism in their respective cities. This can involve street evangelism, children’s events, or ministering to the needy and homeless.

For the fifth consecutive year, Steiger, in collaboration with Global Outreach Day, organizes World Evangelism Day.

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