Ukraine prayed for at crusade in Ethiopia

28 February 2024

In the city of Chuko in southern Ethiopia, tens of thousands of participants prayed for Ukraine during a large-scale crusade in February. Read more about the results of the next trip of Ukrainian missionaries and the ninth crusade in Ethiopia.


“On the last day of the crusade I made a short prayer for Ukraine in Ukrainian. Then I asked the senior pastor of the Chuko Council of Churches to pray for our country in Amharic. The pastor, along with many thousands of people, fervently cried out to God to help Ukraine. Thank you to all Africans who cheer, sympathize and pray for us. Glory to Jesus Christ,” said Taras Sen, director of the “Christ is the Answer” Ministries.


About 150 people prayed for Ukraine at a two-day conference for local pastors and leaders that Taras Sen hosted prior to the crusade.

The Ministry Director spoke about the responsibilities of a pastor, evangelism, family, gave many testimonies about the work of the Spirit of God in his ministry, and shared about the Ministry’s activities.


Besides many repentances (about 500 people) and healings, God delivered about 10 people from demonic addiction during the crusade.


Taras Sen held a family conference for the pastors of the city of Chuko:

“The pastors could not only learn something useful from the Bible, but also learn from the experience of such events to start family ministries in their churches. We reviewed the commandments of a happy family, and I shared my experience and encouraged to improve family relationships and teach young families how to live rightly. Husbands to wives and wives to husbands wrote love messages on cards that we printed in Amharic with Bible verses.

Specifically for family events, the Ministry’s media team developed a communication game to help spouses bond.


Traditionally, the international ministry Christ Is the Answer (CITA) organizes free eye clinics in cities where large evangelistic crusades are held. This time, over the course of three days, the invited ophthalmologists saw a thousand patients, including Muslims and Orthodox Christians led by a priest. 

This was the first charity event of its kind in the region, and the participants received free eye exams and free glasses, and expressed their gratitude for the timely help.  


In the town of Chuko, the team also helped widows and poor people with provisions (flour, oil). 


As part of the trip, Taras Sen performed water baptism for 22 people from the daughter churches planted by CITA missionaries. Today there are 16 of them in different regions of Ethiopia. 


In the town of Waliso (100 km from Addis Ababa), where Christ Is the Answer missionary school graduates have planted churches, the Ministry director held a family conference and deliverance service. Five people were delivered from the control of unclean spirits.


The ministry of feeding the orphans has also been started: twice a week, three times a day, the local pastors will feed the hungry people of Waliso and study the Word of God with them.


Taras Sen taught at the missionary school, the subject was family. As part of the program, the students and ministry director visited a new church in Gambela (western Ethiopia) for worship, a charity event, and a family conference.

The Ministry has been serving in Ethiopia since 2021. In the city of Chuko, the Ministry team held its ninth crusade. 

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