‘The Greatest Journey’ Changed Children’s Lives

11 May 2022

“Send me an assignment urgently”, “Can I have a Bible verse?” “I want to catch up with the material”…

'The Greatest Journey' Changed Children's Lives

Raia, a coordinator, received similar messages more than once during the 12-week course “The Greatest Journey” of the “Samaritan’s Purse” project, which took place in the village of Dilnyche, Mykolaiv region.

Some children, she says, wrote to the general chat in the middle of the night with a request to send them certain materials. The children were so impressed by the stories from the Bible that they told their parents everything with such enthusiasm that among them there were those who began to come to Sunday services in the local church.

So, Kolya’s mother (her sun studies in the 9th grade), often hearing her son’s stories about the material he studied, as well as about his desire to become a minister, recently began to attend services with interest.
Student Anya retold stories from the entire course to her grandmother.
And those guys who were “behind” on homework, zealously made up for lost time and reached the end.

'The Greatest Journey' Changed Children's Lives

And then this solemn day came when, dressed in robes, teenagers, like real graduates of the academy, received certificates of successful completion of the course and memorable gifts!

“Raia, thank you very much for the gifts! The kids and I really liked what happened, and especially the fact that the children were given certificates! I didn’t expect this, but it’s very nice for the kids and me, thank you very much to you and everyone!” Svetlana, mother of Nikita and Nazar, course participants.
Previously, the course “The Greatest Journey” was held in the village of Novopetrivske (Mykolaiv region).

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