The Director of the Mission was honored in Rivne

3 November 2022

“The local people in the occupied territory had a crisis because pensions and salaries were not paid. The territory was also blocked: it was difficult to deliver humanitarian aid. People were starving. Sometimes 80-year-old grandmothers committed suicide because of lack of food. At that time, I lived between western and eastern Ukraine: I spent three weeks in the Luhansk Region, organizing charitable events, and three weeks with my family in Western Ukraine, looking for resources to help the needy. At that time, in one year in Donbas, we distributed 150 tons of food, and a thousand food packages were given away to the disabled. Many people converted to God.”

At the outset of the war in Donbas, Taras Sen together with volunteer friends from different regions of Ukraine met the needs of war victims in 2014, saving people from starvation.


Before the first invasion of Russian troops in eastern Ukraine, Taras Sen together with his family had been ministering as a missionary and pastor of a church in the Luhansk region since the early 2000s.

With a team of volunteers from different regions of Ukraine, he arranged street outreach events, helped the needy, published calendars to spread the Good News and school notebooks with prayers. The first edition of the all-Ukrainian evangelistic newspaper “Christ is the Answer” was published. Taras Sen gave Bible lectures in schools and cities of the Luhansk region and recorded Christian TV programs on a local channel.

At the beginning of hostilities in 2014, his family moved to western Ukraine, and he stayed there to minister to the victims of the war and continued to spread the Good News.

In 2015, he was captured by the militants of the so-called LPR, suffered abuse and humiliation, but with God’s help he was freed.

After that, the minister, together with an old friend, created and headed the Christ is the Answer ministries, gathering a team of missionaries, which since then has been taking care of pensioners, widows, lonely, low-income people, homeless women, and orphans. And now – displaced persons and those who remained in the war zone.


The ministries have already got international status and work in 14 countries of the world, preaching the Gospel with words and good deeds.


In Rivne, six years ago, Taras Sen, as a pastor, founded the Christ is the Answer church. In the city and villages of the region, the church takes an active part in the lives of his compatriots: it holds children’s events, charity eye clinics, events for TDPs, and takes care of the needy.

Back in 2016, Taras Sen was honored by the President of Ukraine “for humanitarian participation in the anti-terrorist operation” for his active volunteer work.


And in October, Taras Sen was featured on the cover of the business magazine “Rivnyany” as a special person “who, in such a difficult time, continues to bring victory closer and does a lot for the benefit of Rivne and the whole country.” The hero of the October issue also took part in his presentation at a local restaurant.


Taking the opportunity, the director of the Christ is the Answer ministries and the pastor of the church of the same name, Taras Sen, told the story of how God saved him and his family from the militants of the so-called LPR on the pages of the magazine. He emphasized the need to learn to listen to God’s voice, hear it and obey God. And it is obedience to Him that will protect a person from many problems and curses.

In the magazine, the minister shared the activities of the Ministries in different countries of the world and shared the Gospel with the readers.


He is a person who brings the truth, supports others and deserves to share his life story, say the organizers of the presentation, because Taras Sen has been through a lot.

According to the participants of the event, it is important for churches and other Christian organizations to post materials about the life of evangelical churches – so it is much easier for people to perceive the churches themselves and the Word of God that they preach.

Rivnyany magazine is read by politicians, businessmen, and other business people of the city.

The Christ is the Answer church, where Taras Sen is the pastor, has been cooperating with the local publishing house “OGO”, which owns this magazine, for four years.

Press center of the Christ is the Answer ministries.

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