The Christ is the Answer Missionaries Share About Tendencies in Their Ministry in Different Regions of Ukraine During the War

5 April 2022

On April 4, during an online meeting of the Christ is the Answer missionaries, ministers shared about peculiarities of their activities in wartime and tendencies in their ministry.

A part of the CITA team who have left hotspots in Ukraine, particularly the Mykolaiv region and Donbas, are currently ministering in the West of Ukraine (Volyn’, Zakarpattia, Khmelnytskyi and Chernivtsi region).

As a rule, temporarily displaced missionaries are ministering at local churches helping those who arrive from hotspots: they are housing people, supplying and distributing humanitarian aid (food supplies, clothes, hygiene items, medicine), and assisting those who decided to temporarily flee the country in crossing the border.

Missionaries from the Eastern region who have left for the Chernivtsi region continue serving people of Donbas: they bring them humanitarian aid and evacuate people from there.
CITA missionaries from the Ternopil’, Kharkiv and Zakarpattia regions are observing a sharp increase in the number of people attending church services, with not only Christians but also those unfamiliar with evangelical church services attending. They say that, following the horrors of the war they have been through, the temporarily displaced ask difficult questions to answer which one requires deep understanding of their circumstances and souls.

The bulk of the ministry team continues their ministry locally, including hotspots.

Thus, a missionary from Mykolaiv was late for a team meeting because of another bombing. The Russian army has destroyed another city hospital. In such circumstances the missionary continues visiting helpless elderly people and care about them, sharing the Gospel in Mykolaiv and nearby villages which are featuring a real humanitarian catastrophe.

The missionary from the Mykolaiv region says that he keeps on ministering in the same way as he used to before the war but the scope of his work has increased drastically. About a hundred people from the shelled districts of Mykolaiv and Kherson have come to this village. A local team of missionaries is visiting these people and helping them with firewood and food, bringing the Good News to them at the same time. Also, temporarily displaced persons come to a local church.

A minister of the Christ is the Answer in the Kharkiv region is engaged in delivering humanitarian aid to temporarily displaced persons and lonely elderly people in the outback of the region. He evacuated a lot of families from the bombed regional center before.

The missionaries in Rivne are primarily focused on administering a food warehouse from where food packages are sent to hotspots in the country. In addition, the team of missionaries in this city hosts temporarily displaced persons and provides them with everything they need, and also assists those who leave the country in crossing the border. Apart from this, the ministers offer the temporarily displaced to have a checkup at an eye clinic where everyone gets glasses for free and hears the Gospel.

In Rivne, a team of missionaries continue their ministry to people in an evangelistic tent: they pray, have fellowship, invite people to the church and to charity eye clinics.
A team of volunteers, including the CITA staff, continue their ministry to evacuees at the Kyiv central railway station, as well as elderly people in different residential areas of Kyiv. They are preparing humanitarian aid, planning to go to Bucha after the curfew is over in the Bucha district (on April 7).

Following an evangelical crusade initiated by the Christ is the Answer Ministries in Ethiopia, a part of the CITA team is still serving in that country. While being there, the Ukrainian party established a CITA ministry branch and planted a local church. We have had two Sunday services in the new church, with 15 adults plus some children attending. Three missionaries are already working at the branch.

The online meeting was also attended by a missionary from Nepal who started her way as a minister in the Luhansk region. She also used to minister in India. And she has been taking care of children in a shelter she established in Nepal for more than 7 years. She shared that they pray with children for Ukraine every day, especially for Mariupol where some of the missionaries the children know in person are staying.
CITA meetings are held on a monthly basis.

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