The Christ is the Answer Missionaries Continue Serving in the War Zone

8 March 2022

The Christ is the Answer missionaries are still staying in Mykolaiv, Kharkiv, Luhansk regions, continuing to serve people at the most challenging time for our country.

The Christ is the Answer Missionaries Continue Serving in the War Zone

The Bethany church basement in Mykolaiv, where missionaries Henadiy and Aliona Holota are serving, has become a bomb shelter for 400 people. These are mostly families with underage children. Christians pray for people, feed them, and play with the children. The locals who have found their safety there say that they come there in tears in the evening but find comfort in the morning.
“We go to the districts that have been cut off from the city because of the imposed martial law. As volunteers, we visit families in need of food, talk to them, pray for them. We want to be close to them because the Lord always went where people needed Him the most,” Henadiy shared.

Pastor and missionary Oleksandr Osepian is one the most courageous ministers who also stayed with his family of five children in Svatovo, Luhansk region, to help people at the most difficult time.

Despite the danger, pastor Oleksandr and his wife Maryna go to local bomb shelters bringing hope and supporting the elderly and needy during the war.

In the Kharkiv region, missionary Serhiy Tiurikov evacuates people from Kharkiv to suburbs, doing everything he can to rescue children and families.

“We are evacuating people from the danger zone. There are a lot of refugees in the villages now, about 15 people live in a small countryside house. They all need help with food. The locals themselves need groceries, and there is no delivery now. But our team manages to find and give away 500 loaves of bread every day,” says Serhiy.
Viktor Pavlyshyn, a pastor and missionary of the Christ is the Answer in Nova Odesa, Mykolaiv region, serves only 20 kilometers from the frontline. He and his wife continue their ministry in the church and support local people.

“We continue visiting the sick, elderly and those who cannot take care of themselves. We help them with food and medicine. One of the residents has been taken to the hospital because he was in a critical condition. We are staying here to serve and support,” said pastor Viktor.

The Christ is the Answer team has created a fund to raise money to help Ukrainian people suffering from the war – Christ is the Answer War Relief Fund.

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