The Christ is the Answer Ministries to Hold a Crusade in Ethiopia in the City of Sodo

2 February 2023


From February 16 to 19, in Ethiopia, in the city of Sodo, the Christ is the Answer ministries together with local churches and ministers will have a large-scale outreach crusade. The organizers expect 100,000 attendees.

According to the director of the Ministries and the future speaker of the crusade Taras Sen, during four days the attendees will listen to God’s word and Christian songs. Organizers will pray for healing and deliverance from demonic influence. “We are waiting for the ascension of God’s power,” says Taras Sen.

Also, as part of the event, we plan to record a TV program on a local channel, to have training seminars for pastors and couples. A charity eye clinic for a thousand people will be held, and CITA missionaries will distribute tens of thousands of “Christ is the Answer” newspapers among the city residents.

After the crusade, there will be a two-day outreach event, pastoral and family conferences, and eye clinics in one of the Muslim regions.

During the trip, the Ukrainian team will congratulate the first graduates of the missionary school in the Christ is the Answer church in Addis Ababa.

We also plan to help low-income people in the city with food packages during the trip.

Crusade in Sodo is the fifth large-scale CITA event in Ethiopia. In December 2022, the Fourth Crusade took place in the city of Dilla. And before that there had been crusades in the Ethiopian cities of Shinshicho, Durami and Hasanna.

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