The Christ is the Answer Ministers to TDPs of Ukraine

8 July 2022

The Christ is the Answer missionaries continue to serve TDPs in the Western, Eastern and Southern regions of Ukraine. They shared what is happening on the ground at the online meeting of the CITA team on July 6.

Western region
A team from Rivne held a week-long outreach camp in the Carpathians, which was attended by about 60 people, most of them – TDPs from Luhansk, Kharkiv and Zaporizhia regions.


The program included climbing Hoverla mount, riding all-terrain vehicles, hiking along the paths of Dovbush, Bukovel, a picnic, worship services and evening gatherings around the campfire.


CITA missionaries shared that they were able to talk to people about the things that disturb them, and to pray for them, and share God’s wisdom.


“We were invited on a tour to the Carpathians. It was unexpected and pleasant! The program was very rich and interesting. We enjoyed nature, met amazing people of different ages, who showed by example that one should not give up, how to be loyal to others… The trip itself was in a friendly atmosphere. Our children got a lot of impressions from observing nature, having fellowship, experiencing unity of the team, they had a lot of fun, and the food was delicious! We are very grateful!” Natalia, a temporarily displaced person from Severodonetsk (Luhansk region).


“We are very satisfied and impressed with this trip, we liked everything: excursions, games, a wonderful program for children. The church services were so interesting that I didn’t want to leave them, but on the contrary – to continue and continue.” Natalia, a temporarily displaced from Kharkiv.


“A trip to the Carpathians has always been my dream! And thanks to you, it has come true! I really enjoyed the activities: jeep riding, the cable car etc. I remembered the trails of Dovbush, because I love nature and mystery. I understood that God helps me and loves me, and if I talk to Him, pray to Him, then everything in life will be fine.” Teenager Bohdan, a temporarily displaced from Severodonetsk (Luhansk region).

CITA missionaries believe that such trips have a positive effect on the hearts and souls of people, and changes will definitely take place after them in the lives of the participants of the 2022 summer camp.
A missionary with extensive experience in serving in an evangelistic tent in Rivne shared that people have become much more open and more willing to talk about God.


In Ternopil, a CITA missionary said that now they will distribute food packages to the displaced people only once a month in order to give an opportunity to find work for those who were forced to move here. After all, it is assumed that many TDPs will stay in Ternopil for years.

The team is building relationships with new converts and is introducing them to church life in small groups.
In total, more than 95,000 “Christ is the answer” newspapers were distributed throughout the region in June, and more than 60 outreach events were held, including three free eye clinics.


Missionaries from the Eastern Region are living temporarily in the western part of Ukraine, where they are also involved in helping TDPs.
CITA missionaries in Chernivtsi have been serving displaced children from the eastern regions for two months now, and in June they opened the “Superbook” club, which makes it possible to communicate more closely with children:
“We cannot get to know the children at one time, how they live, which cities they left, but at each meeting we get to know them better. Some children from the city of Rubizhne, Luhansk region. And one girl (they are from Raihorodok, Donetsk region) has a father in the hospital now: a fragment hit his back and he is undergoing treatment.

At this event, as never before, the children were hugging us, did not want to leave us, were asking us to dance with them again. They are very happy when we visit them,” said Yanina Ivanova, a missionary from the Luhansk region.
Missionaries who moved from Donbas bring food aid to the Kharkiv, Luhansk, Zaporizhia regions and support brothers in Christ.
In the Khmelnytskyi region, a missionary from the Donbas opened a small Bible study group that united TDPs from the eastern region of Ukraine. New converts are happy to have joined the group.


Southern region
A missionary and pastor from Nova Odesa (the Mykolaiv region) said that the team was delivering a lot of food packages around the region due to the large number of TDPs from shelled Mykolaiv.


The local church being active has attracted the attention of local authorities, who are also asking for help for TDPs, because there are people who run away from their cities without food, clothes and necessities.
The ministry to temporarily displaced children is also actively developing, with the missionaries organizing day camps.
In the village of Novopetrivske (Mykolaiv region), missionaries harvested a lot of strawberries at the rehab center, which they distributed to children, at checkpoints, and to people in need.

A CITA missionary from Mykolaiv shared that he is experiencing his personal difficulties – he misses his family, who have to stay in another country, very much.
But despite this, ministry to people continues: visiting detention centers, preparing and distributing humanitarian aid coming from abroad (4,000 packages per week), visiting widows, the elderly, hospitals, and drug dispensaries.
The missionary of the Southern region, who was forced to leave for Zakarpattia, also ministers to the TDPs in the local church: she arranges activities for children together with the church and organizes meetings for the temporarily displaced families.


Taras Sen, Ministries Director, reminded the missionaries of the importance of being consistent and faithful in what they do:
“Due to the ongoing events in Ukraine, one can lose zeal and enthusiasm in serving the Lord, but in most cases one should not pay attention to one’s feelings. But to pull yourselves together and continue to serve the Lord consistently, who, seeing faithfulness in small things, will surely give more.

It is important not to lose zeal in ministry, there is a temptation to do everything out of habit, not wholeheartedly. But the Bible teaches us to do everything as for the Lord, and not for people, so may God help us not to lose the fire in our hearts. And for this it is necessary to communicate with Him and be filled with the Holy Spirit.”


Also, the Ministries media department has a new minister, Alexander: “I really appreciate the call to join the Christ is the answer team, I thank everyone who supported me in this. I have a strong desire to contribute to the design direction at CITA, because when content and design are pleasant to look at, the user feels comfortable.”


The Christ Is the Answer missionaries meet monthly.

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