Thailand Hears the Gospel Through Eye Clinics For the First Time

7 October 2022

In September, the ministry of free eye clinics was held for the first time in Thailand with the assistance of the Christ is the Answer ministries.
CITA teams in different countries continue to spread the Gospel: this month’s summary.

Thailand became the 13th country on the list of the “Christ is the Answer” ministries, where the Good News was shared with local residents.


“Our volunteer in Thailand, in the city of Bangkok, together with the team, organized a charity medical event, where people had their eyes checked for free and received glasses as a gift.


The Gospel was also preached to them. We trained brothers and sisters in Asia to conduct eye clinics, ordered equipment and glasses from China. And the ball started rolling. It’s nice for people to do good things”, – shared the director of the Ministries, Taras Sen.


Eye clinics continue to work in Ethiopia. The CITA missionary team in Addis Ababa organized a charity event with eye check, free glasses, Gospel preaching and refreshments for 400 attendees, including Muslims and Orthodox.


It was for the first time when CITA missionaries in Ethiopia held a Summer Bible School. They did it by using the experience of the Ukrainian team of the Ministries in holding children’s camps and Sunday schools.


In Ethiopia, the new year is celebrated in September. It is 2015 there now. The time in Ethiopia is seven years and eight months behind ours.

Ethiopians live according to their calendar, which consists of 13 months, and 12 of them have thirty days, and the last has only five or six (depending on whether it is a leap year or not).

To spread the Good News, the Mission printed an edition of calendars in Amharic with words of encouragement and Bible verses.


The Christ is the Answer ministries continues to serve widows and orphans in Bangladesh.
Piyush Sarkar, a Christian volunteer, was thankful for the opportunity to help these people: “All the widows were very happy, they thanked us for the food. They consider such support important, because the grocery package will last them a week.”

The Christ is the Answer international ministries cooperates with ministers and churches in Ukraine, Poland, Uzbekistan, the USA, Ethiopia, Cambodia, Kenya, India, Nepal, etc.

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