Ternopil and Rivne: CITA missionaries serve in churches (events of April)

7 May 2024

Christ Is the Answer missionaries, who get monthly support from the Ministry, can serve people full-time at their local churches. They hold various charity events to tell different categories of people about Christ. 

The missionaries in Ternopil held meetings for lonely elderly people at the “Bread of Life” local church. Over the course of the month, they managed to connect with about a hundred people, visiting some of them at home. They helped out with food and shared the Gospel. 


Andriy Vasenda, a missionary and military chaplain from Ternopil, says that the elderly need to hear about Jesus Christ the most because they’re on the verge of passing into eternity.  

He and his team reach out to about 60 soldiers a month with their ministry to the seriously wounded. They visit them in hospitals every week. Andriy says that what’s most important for them is to feel like they’re not alone, but that there are people who care:


“One of the most important things we do is be there for the seriously wounded and give them a chance to speak out, really listening to them.” 

With the support of the ministers, the guys can go fishing, eat together, and sing around the campfire. These outings are especially comforting for the soldiers. After the meetings, they’re happy and grateful that someone comes to see them.

Every Saturday in Rivne, CITA missionaries at the “Christ is the Answer” church hold a “Feed the Hungry” event. 


Yuriy Simonov, the missionary, says they can feed anywhere from 70 to 90 people at a time, mostly pensioners who are in need. Before they hand out the food, the ministers give a little talk about the Gospel and pray for everyone. 

The event takes place in an evangelistic tent where people can also get Christian literature and spiritual counseling. 


CITA missionaries in Rivne have handed out 50,000 calendars to the city’s residents.

“Over the past few months, our team in Rivne has handed out 50,000 Christian calendars to the citizens of Rivne. In many homes, people have the Word of God right in front of them. Another 150 thousand of these calendars were handed out throughout Ukraine and a few in Europe.” We remind people of Christ, faith, and repentance. We also remind them to pray for Ukraine. “We’ve heard lots of good things from different ministers about how the calendars are working,” said Taras Sen, the Ministry director.


The coordinator of CITA’s tent ministry told us that in April, they sent 12 more evangelistic tents across Ukraine. Four of them went to the Kharkiv region, three to the Zaporizhzhia region, and one to the Lviv, Poltava, Rivne, Dnipro, and Zakarpattia regions. 


In Rivne, the ministers of the newly established “Salvation” church set up a Ministry tent for the first time.

Christ Is the Answer missionaries serve in the Western, Eastern, and Southern regions of Ukraine, as well as in Ethiopia and India.

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