Outreach Tools from the Christ is the Answer Ministry Serve People in the Time of War

30 March 2022

In the time of war, ministers continue sharing the Gospel and caring about people with the help of the outreach tools from the Christ is the Answer Ministries (CITA).

CITA shares the Gospel through different means such as charity, social assistance for the needy, outreach printed materials, tents, etc. The focus of the Ministry is everyone who needs material help and spiritual support.
CITA missionaries continue sending and distributing charity food packages and medicine among the elderly, widows, indigent families in Kyiv, Mykolaiv, Kharkiv, Sumy, Luhansk, Donetsk regions.


Along with the food packages, volunteers of the ministry distribute Christian printed materials (newspapers, calendars) and pray for people.

Also, ministers and volunteers of the ministry evacuate people from hot spots and accept refugees in special centers providing them with housing and food, and helping them flee abroad.


Missionaries bring humanitarian aid of food and medicine from Germany, Poland and Romania to Ukraine.
“We recently brought humanitarian aid from Germany, in particular clothes, food, medicine. We wanted very much to give it to where the needs are the most critical. We were informed of such a need in the Luhansk region where people are being evacuated, with many wounded among them. People are being treated in basements. People ask more for medicine than for food since there is a shortage of medical supplies. It was God’s answer to our prayers. For many of them such aid will save health and even lives. We are enormously grateful to all who donated for this,” shared Director of the Ministry Taras Sen.

An outreach event took place in one of the cities in the Sumy region regardless of the threat of attacks. Ministers of A local church used a CITA tent to distribute spiritual literature and pray for people.

The Christ is the Answer Ministries have been carrying out its activities since 2014.

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