Mongolian TV Broadcasts First Christ is the Answer Program

7 December 2022


“Good News” is the name of the first program made by the Christ is the Answer Ministries which was broadcasted by state Mongolian televisions. Taras Sen’, the Ministries director and pastor of a church in Rivne, is the presenter of this program.

According to Taras Sen’, the program will be broadcasted twice a week for the Buddists, Muslim and people with other beliefs all over the country.

The Christ is the Answer Ministries along with local missionaries from Mongolia have been preparing for the broadcasting of the program since October.

“Thank you, Taras, thanks to all your team that helps to make these programs. Thank you on behalf of all Mongolian people! It is an honor for me to serve along you and reach out to the whole Mongolian nation with the Gospel in their language. I believe that the rain of the Holy Spirit will pour out on the house of our Father and our families, shares Ruslan Andriychenko, a missionary, who has been serving in Mongolia with his family since 1994.

Taras accentuates the love of God and His relationship with the human being, stressing the idea that one can be redeemed from sin solely through Jesus Christ.

“God loved you and us because he had created us. God loves us more than our parents do. God loves us more than we love our children. All people are sinners. The Bible says that sin is punished with death. We all were supposed to get to hell, but the Lord could not allow that. Due to His kindness, mercy and love to each one of us, our Heavenly Father sent Jesus Christ into the world. Jesus is the One who gave His life away to redeem us from our sins. So, in order to be saved, we have to believe in Jesus.”

CITA programs call people to review their lives and correct them through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Mongolia has become the 15th country in which the Christ is the Answer International Ministries spread the Gospel with the help of different instruments, including TV programs.

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