“Molodizhka”: Missionaries open ministry in a village in Zaporizhzhia region

5 April 2024

CITA missionaries have established a youth home group in a village located in the Zaporizhzhia region, based on a local church.


According to the ministers, the work with children in the village of Petro-Mykhailivka, Zaporizhzhia region, began before Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine with visits to families in difficult circumstances.

“At first it was a children’s club, which had a good result-several girls turned to God and became members of the local church. And later, through communication with the parents of the club members and other people in the village, the club grew into youth meetings (also known in Ukraine as “molodizhka”), which are now attended by 16 boys and girls,” said Ivan Kaliev, CITA missionary.


The ministers say that the young people are open and willing to listen to the Word of God, communicate and spend time together, and some of them are already involved in street evangelism.

And now the youth meetings have been joined by another opportunity – a home group for the spiritual care of young people.

Four Christ is the Answer missionaries work with families in Zaporizhzhia. They organize children’s clubs, youth meetings, church meetings and an Alpha course for new converts, women’s clubs, street evangelism, feeding the needy with hot lunches, preaching the Word in evangelistic tents and on public transport, distributing evangelistic newspapers and calendars, as well as holding charity eye clinics.

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