Missionary Andriy Vasenda presented his second album

14 December 2022

Christian author, performer and missionary Andriy Vasenda presented his second album “We must fight” with the support of the Christ is the Answer ministries.


“This album is about hope, love, mercy… and that you have to fight for it,” he said at the dinner dedicated to the new album. It includes seven songs by the author of various styles, including lyrical and hip-hop.

“If my songs bring blessings and support to at least one person, then this is already a great success,” Andrii believes.

Author Vasenda composed these songs before the war and they did not seem relevant to him. But with the beginning of hostilities in Ukraine, they took on a special meaning. For example, one of them is dedicated to thanking God for saving life, which became relevant for the displaced people, whom missionary Vasenda and his family are serving in Ternopil.

People who need special support ask the author for his song recordings: mothers ask for their sons who are soldiers, and sick peopleask for songs to overcome pain and not lose hope.

The collection of songs is on a flash drive embedded in a plastic card with the name of the album.

The album can be received in exchange for a donation for victims of the war in Ukraine in the amount of 400 hryvnias.

Andriy Vasenda is an evangelist, Christian author and performer. He is engaged in social ministry, ministers to TDPs , distributes Christian printed products, helps in the development of new churches in Ukraine.

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