Missionaries held Easter events for children in the Mykolaiv region

3 June 2024

Christ is the Answer missionaries of the Southern Region held thematic Easter meetings in the Mykolaiv region. 

According to missionary Inna Titova, there is a great need to share the truth about Easter with children because they “have seen and heard enough pagan rituals and do not know the truth about the holiday.”


In Nova Odesa, at Sunday school and in the village of Mykhailivka, where missionaries opened a Christian center a year ago, children were told one by one how Jesus suffered, died and rose again. Their mothers and grandmothers, who come with their children for classes and holidays, also listened. 

This year’s craft is an empty cave. The missionaries used this image to help the children remember Jesus’ sacrifice and resurrection. 


A similar meeting was held in the village of Dilnyche, but the craft was different. The children were given pictures of a cave and had to “enliven” it with natural materials (flowers, branches, moss, etc.). Through this picture, the missionaries also tried to convey the idea of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead and the salvation of sinners through Christ. 

For the Easter service, the missionaries prepared a performance of poems and songs with the children of the Sunday school, where 90% of the children come from non-believing families.  

“The children are always happy,” says Inna. – And the parents who come to listen always thank us because both their children and they can have a great time, make interesting crafts, and most importantly, listen to the Word of God. 

Children’s ministry is one of the activities of the Christ is the Answer Ministry. Missionaries in the Western, Eastern and Southern regions regularly organize children’s clubs, circles, holidays, sports activities, teen and youth meetings. The Ministry is also actively developing this area in Ethiopia on the basis of the daughter church in Addis Ababa.

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