Ministry Results for February

1 March 2024

In February, the director of Christ Is the Answer International Ministry (CITA) made his tenth trip to Ethiopia, during which he conducted a large-scale evangelistic crusade in the city of Chuko in the south of the country, held topical meetings with local pastors, and visited daughter churches planted by CITA missionaries. 

Details of the work of the missionaries in Ukraine and abroad in February are given below.   


Repentance, healing, deliverance, prayer for Ukraine: The ninth CITA crusade in Ethiopia was held. Tens of thousands of people attended the four-day event.


Ministry Director Taras Sen held a two-day conference in Chuko for 150 church leaders and a family meeting for married couples:

“The pastors had the opportunity not only to learn something useful from the Bible, but also to gain experience in conducting similar events to start family ministries in their churches. We discussed the commandments of a happy family, I shared my experience and encouraged them to improve family relationships and teach young families how to live a good life.”

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With the support of the Ministry, Ukrainian missionaries helped widows and poor people in the city of Chuko. According to Taras Sen, the majority of people in Ethiopia live in poverty, so even a little help with food is very important for them. 


Taras Sen visited a church planted by Christ Is the Answer Ministry in the town of Waliso, 100 kilometers from the capital of Ethiopia. He held a family conference and started a feeding ministry for orphans.   


A charity eye clinic in Chuko was held for a thousand people. This was the first time such an event had been held in the region, and the participants were grateful for the timely help and received a professional examination and a pair of glasses as a gift.

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As part of the trip, Taras Sen baptized 22 people from the Ministry’s daughter churches. Today there are 16 of them in different regions of Ethiopia. 


Thousands of calendars in the respective languages were printed for Mexico and Uzbekistan with the support of the Ministry. 

“Many ministers around the world ask us to help them with calendars, and we try to respond to their needs,” says the Ministry director.


In Pakistan, local volunteers held another charity eye clinic where about 130 people heard the Gospel.

Pakistan’s population is largely impoverished, so not everyone can afford glasses. Those who attended the clinic were grateful for the attention to their health.


Newly designed street tents appeared in Rivne, Ukraine.


And in Sarny, Rivne region, the ministry installed a new evangelistic board.


In Zaporizhzhia, another eye clinic was attended by representatives of the local media, who prepared a report on the results of the event – the first time in the history of eye clinics in this city.


In Ternopil, CITA missionaries held a meeting for wives and mothers of fallen warriors, inviting local journalists who prepared a story about the event.


In the regions of Ukraine, CITA missionaries continue to minister to people in cities and villages. They held 52 meetings with war victims, distributed humanitarian aid to 881 people, visited 73 needy people for fellowship, distributed 12,640 evangelistic newspapers, 8,920 calendars, held 49 children’s events, 5 charity eye clinics, and 81 evangelistic meetings.

Christ is the Answer Ministry serves in more than 20 countries around the world using a variety of tools to share the Gospel.

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