Media Departments and Missionary Schools: How Do the Christ is the Answer Ministries Serve in Different Countries of the World

5 January 2023

The international mission “Christ is the answer” develops media ministry and conducts missionary schools in Ethiopia, India and Mongolia.



In the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, the Christ is the Answer media department has been operating since July 2021, with three employees. Local media professionals are responsible for filming, including during crusades, editing, development of the Mission’s channels and social networks, animation and graphic design.


Also preparing the newspaper “Christ is the Answer” for publication in Amharic and Oromo, which is spoken mainly by Muslims. One circulation of the newspaper is 100 thousand copies. This year we printed and distributed wall calendars.


According to Mission Director Taras Sen, during the fourth crusade in Ethiopia in December 2022, 50 thousand newspapers were distributed in the city of Dila. Local missionaries say many seek spiritual counseling through newspapers, and some go to church and turn to God.

In Ethiopia, local residents receive the lion’s share of information from newspapers, because only 20% of the population has access to the Internet.


“God gave me the opportunity to record four television programs that are now airing on channels across the country. We are considering permanent broadcasting of evangelistic programs in Ethiopia. Thus, we will be able to reach tens of millions of people,” said Taras Sen.


During his stay in Africa, the director managed to communicate fruitfully with the team and plan the further work of the department.

In December 2022, the evangelistic program “Good News” created by the mission “Christ is the answer” was broadcast for the first time in Mongolia.


The programs speak of the grace revealed in God’s Son for mankind. Viewers hear calls to reconsider their life path and the importance of correcting it through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

According to missionaries from Mongolia Ruslan and Svetlana Andreichenko, during the broadcast of the program people asked for prayer for healing, a way out of financial difficulties and thanked for the sermon.The programs are duplicated on the Mission’s Youtube channel in Mongolian.


For distribution among the people of India, the Mission produced ten thousand copies of printed materials with biblical texts in Hindi and English.


Christ is the Answer opened missionary schools in Ethiopia and India.


“God made it possible to share experiences and the word of God with the students of the missionary school in Addis Ababa during the crusade in Ethiopia.


I shared the history of the emergence of the Mission and its service in Ukraine and the world. He touched upon such topics as demonology, evangelization, pastoral ministry, and family. It’s nice that our students often pray for Ukraine and pray zealously.


I was amazed that many people intend to open churches in Muslim regions after graduation. The Mission’s leadership will make every effort to help them with this, giving them the necessary tools and continuing to teach practical and theological things,” shared the Director of the Mission.


In early December, a missionary school in India graduated its first students after three months of training. Graduates are going to go to different regions for spiritual work.

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