“Make the best use of time,” CITA Director instructs missionaries at a team meeting

6 June 2022

On June 4, another meeting of the CITA team was held. The Ministries Director instructed the team how to make the best use of time. The missionaries also shared their activities in the field.


Meetings of the missionary team also include the spiritual guidance by the Ministries Director. So, Taras Sen focused on the meaning of the phrase “make the best use of time”:
“God gives time for something and it must be used. Each of us has different circumstances, but we all come across temporarily displaced people, and someone is in a war zone and can hear explosions. But, at the same time, the time that God gives us now must be used properly: reach out to people in a timely manner, pray for them, communicate, help. And keep the focus on the main thing. And the main thing is not to distribute food packages, but to carry the Gospel, because what we see is temporary, and the invisible is eternal. What can we not see on earth? The Holy Spirit is invisible, the souls of people who live in their bodies are also invisible. But there is a choice – the Kingdom of God or torments of hell. Everything else is temporary: we may have it today, but not tomorrow.


Also, when communicating with people, it is important to remind them that God allowed the war in Ukraine and expects people to turn to Him. Before the war, the Word of God had been preached in Ukraine, but people did not take it properly. What is happening now is awakening people, many are having a reassessment of their values. The fear of uncertainty about tomorrow is in the hearts of many, people are beginning to pray, they are thinking more about God. May the Lord help us meet His expectations in the places where He has placed us.”
In Rivne, Ternopil and Mykolaiv region (the village of Dilnyche) children’s events were arranged to celebrate the Children’s Day.
A missionary from Ternopil notes that despite the fact that recently the focus has shifted to ministering to the IDPs, the team is not leaving the local poor people, trying to spend time with everyone who needs it. CITA missionaries arranged a children’s party for the children of the city.


Eye clinics for migrants were conducted in New Odessa (Mykolaiv region) and Rivne. Also, missionaries in all regions continue to distribute food packages to those in need, including those who cannot move by themselves. They continue to look for opportunities to help the Ukrainian people and deliver humanitarian aid to the people most affected by the war.

By chance, some missionaries ended up in Poland where they also minister to refugees from Ukraine and help them accept the Lord Jesus.
A missionary from Mykolaiv was at the online meeting during a shelling of the city. He shared that thousands of new people come to their church and not only for Sunday church services. There, the ministers feed hundreds of city residents in need of food every day. The team in Mykolaiv continues to visit prisons and colonies, drug dispensaries, hospitals, as well as elderly people in need.

According to a missionary from the Kharkiv region, the villages of this region are overcrowded with internally displaced persons who need help with food. But the local team also continues to visit people with disabilities and the poor whom they have served before, and continues to preach the Gospel to everyone.


Ministries Director Taras Sen says that they have made a print run of Christian calendars for Cambodia in the Khmer language for the first time.

Ministries team meetings are held on a monthly basis.

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