Launch of CITA tent evangelism outreaches in Ukrainian cities

28 June 2024

Volunteers from local churches started evangelistic tent ministries in Dnipro and its region, and in the cities of Kropyvnytskyi (Kirovohrad region) and Brody (Lviv region). The ministers shared how the tent is helping to reach people for Christ.


“We are a team from Dnipro, we do food distribution, now in a tent from the Ministry. Every month we reach 370 people from 5 to 80 years old, but most of them are elderly. The tent helps us a lot because first of all it is bright and attracts interest, people come up and start talking to us. We are planning to set up another tent, but it will be for street evangelism only. We are very thankful for your help. We believe that many people will accept Christ in their lives through the tent ministry,” Oleksandra shared.

With the new evangelistic tents, says volunteer Natalia from Dnipro, the feeding ministry has reached a higher level of quality: the food is not dusty, the ministry looks like a permanent facility, which attracts visitors, and passersby take the ministry more seriously with the tent.   


Ania, a volunteer from Pershotravensk (Dnipropetrovs’k region), noticed that with the arrival of the tent, the number of people coming to the feeding increased from 40-50 to 70-80 people per feeding day. According to her, it is the “God loves you” written on the tent that attracts more people.


In Kropyvnytskyi, volunteer Viktor also noticed that with the appearance of the tent, the local people became more interested in the ministry and the display of Christian literature for all ages. People come to the tent looking for support and asking when the war will end and why God doesn’t stop it. With the tent, volunteers have more time to evangelize with the permission of the local authorities.


According to CITA missionary Hryhoriy, they recently contacted the local authorities in Brody and received permission to set up an evangelistic tent in the town center. Christian newspapers and invitations to a charity eye clinic were distributed to passersby.

Christ is the Answer Ministry has been using evangelistic tents as an effective outreach tool since 2017.

Today, the Ministry’s tents are located in all regions of Ukraine, including the temporarily occupied territories, with the exception of the Vinnytsia region.

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