Eye clinics: Ministry launch in Papua New Guinea 

31 May 2024

About 50 people in the village of Mamarai, Papua New Guinea, heard the Gospel through a charity eye clinic. 

Очна клініка П Нова Г

“People living in very difficult conditions received glasses, medical consultation and the Word of God. It is a joy to serve God by participating in the salvation of people in distant lands,” said Ministry director Taras Sen.


In April, Christ Is the Answer International Ministry (CITA) helped feed children at one of the church’s Sunday schools in Papua New Guinea, starting operations in that country. 

The Ministry currently serves in 22 countries around the world.

For reference: 

In 2020, Papua New Guinea declared itself a Christian state.

Prime Minister James Marape said New Guinea has more than 20 different Christian denominations, with Catholics leading the way at 27%, Lutherans at 19.5%, the United Church at 11.5%, and Seventh-day Adventists at 10%.

“The influence of the church over the years has transformed society throughout the country and has even replaced some cultural beliefs, while part of society has combined culture with religion. These Christian churches also provide 60-80% of the social and humanitarian services in the country. The majority of the people trust the churches,” he pointed out.

“Papua” comes from the Malay word “orang papua” – curly black head. 

The island was named in 1526 by the Portuguese navigator and explorer Georges de Mines. 

In 1545, the Spaniard Iñigo Ortiz de Retes, a navigator and one of the first explorers of the Pacific Islands, arrived on the island and gave it a new name, New Guinea, because of the similarity of the local natives to the inhabitants of African Guinea.

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