Eye clinics held in Uzbekistan and Mexico

5 December 2023

CITA International Ministry volunteers continue to provide medical care, eyeglasses and the Gospel at charity eye clinics. The clinics took place in Uzbekistan and Mexico. 


In Mexico, the clinic was held in the city of Acapulco, which was hit by Hurricane Otis in late October, leaving 45 people dead and 47 missing. 

Along with the eye clinic, local residents received medical supplies and heard the Gospel. 

This is not the first time an eye clinic has been held in Uzbekistan, and in the two years this ministry has been operating in the country, 200 people have received help. 


“In my opinion, eye clinics are very effective for Asia because we are doing social work, raising the status of the community, people see that we are interested in helping them, their hearts open, they enter the House of Prayer for the first time, receive glasses as a gift, which is very important because not all people can afford to buy quality glasses,” said local CITA volunteer Andriy.

In Uzbekistan, the Bible was only officially published in Uzbek in 2017, and Christian communities have only recently received official permission to operate over the past 15 years. 

Eye clinics are an effective and affordable evangelistic tool that CITA uses in Ukraine and on various continents.  

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