Expanding activities: CITA Ministry Report for 2023 

1 February 2024

Christ Is the Answer International Ministries (CITA) continues to spread the Gospel in Ukraine and beyond.  

By the end of 2023, the ministry will be working in 20 countries, where more than 100 CITA missionaries and volunteers will be evangelizing using various evangelistic tools. 



In Ukraine, dozens of missionaries work in various areas of the eastern, western and southern regions. They minister to children and youth, displaced persons, prisoners, hospital patients, the handicapped, widows, the homeless, military personnel, pensioners and others.

In the 12 months of 2023, the Ministry’s missionaries held more than 5,700 meetings with individuals and families, distributed more than half a million Christ is the Answer evangelistic newspapers and about a hundred thousand Christian calendars, and conducted more than 1,800 evangelistic outreaches, including children’s, street, and eye clinics. 

In Ukraine, four regional TV channels broadcast the “Good News” programs each week (about 60 programs per month).  

In the Mykolaiv region, missionaries opened a children’s club in the village of Mykhailivka. 

In the Odesa region, the first charity eye clinic was held in the town of Balta.

In the town of Ternopil, a ministry to the wives of fallen soldiers and severely wounded soldiers was launched.  

In Zaporizhzhia, missionaries organized the fourth children’s club, and in January the first eye clinic was held in the city. 

In the Kharkiv region, the missionary team held a family meeting for the first time. 

Six issues of the evangelistic newspaper “Christ is the Answer” were published during the year. Each issue contained 100-120 thousand copies. A total of 660 thousand copies were printed in 2023.

This year the Ministry printed 200,000 Christian calendars, which are distributed by missionaries and volunteers in the regions of Ukraine. 

Another effective tool, Christian tents, are used by missionaries and volunteers to reach out to people. 

There are 60 tents in different parts of Ukraine where people can receive spiritual counseling, prayer, and Christian literature. In 2023, the Ministry printed an additional 20 tents.  

For the first time, the mission used a new method of evangelism – a mobile board that circulated through the streets of Rivne by car.   

During the year, 85 panels with Christian messages were placed in the Rivne region with the support of the Ministry.

Missionaries donated 150 copies of spiritual and educational literature to the Rivne Regional Children’s Library, including Bibles, Christian books, and comic books.  

For the Christmas holidays, the Ministry printed 20,000 gift boxes with Christmas messages from the Scripture.  

With the support of the Mission, quarterly charity trips to the Carpathian Mountains were organized for the spiritual development and recreation of various categories of people.   

The seventh annual “Christ is the Answer” mission conference was held in the Carpathians in October. 

This year the Ministry released new games “Bible Alias” and “Apostles”.

In October 2023, the local radio station “Respect” began airing Taras Sen’s “Christ is the Answer” broadcasts, continuing the Ministry’s long-term cooperation with the secular media.  


In Ethiopia, four large-scale crusades were held in different cities of the country, including Muslim cities: Sodo, Shone, Dire Dawa and Harar. 

This year the Ministry held three missionary schools, whose graduates opened 14 churches in the regions of the country. In December, the fourth group of students enrolled. 


A media department was opened in India and three mission schools were held. Three churches were opened by graduates. The first charity eye clinic in the country was organized by CITA missionaries in India.  

The Ministry launched a YouTube channel in Hindi.

Latin America

This year, for the first time, the Christ Is the Answer ministry team visited El Salvador and Nicaragua to share their experience in conducting charity eye clinics and family conferences. This year, the ministry of eye clinics has already begun there. 

Each month, the ministry feeds about 200 children of Venezuela in Caracas.

Other countries

This year, for the first time, volunteers conducted charity eye clinics in Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan and Vietnam.  

Christ is the Answer ministry calendars were prepared in the local language for residents of Uzbekistan, Mexico, Guatemala, Cambodia and Vietnam

In Nepal, Christ is the Answer operates an eye clinic. The ministry also continues to support the local orphanage.

In Bangladesh, widows have received support from CITA.

Christ Is The Answer International Ministry (CITA) was founded in 2014 in response to russia’s invasion of Ukraine in the Donbas region. 

The goal of the organization is to preach the Gospel using various means to serve people in different countries, starting with Ukraine. 

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