Ethiopia: CITA to hold the sixth crusade

9 May 2023

From May 19-21, an international ministries Christ is the Answer (CITA) in collaboration with local churches will conduct an evangelistic crusade in the southern Ethiopian city of Shone. The organizers expect up to 100,000 participants.


According to the ministries’ director and event speaker, Taras Sen, in addition to the crusade, meetings with church ministers will be held in Shone, including seminars for pastors, a family conference, and an eye clinic. For the first time, ministers will visit a prison with the Good News.

Ukrainian missionaries plan to hold services at the CITA church in Addis Ababa, teach at the missionary school, and meet with students and Ministries’ employees.

The Ukrainian team also intends to visit Zambia and meet with local ministers.
The Shone crusade is the sixth major CITA event in Ethiopia. In February, the fifth crusade was held in the city of Sodo. Previously, events were held in the cities of Dilla, Hassana, Durami, and Shinshicho throughout the country.

CITA Press Center.

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