Ethiopia: about 70,000 participants heard the Gospel

27 February 2023

On February 16-19, Ethiopia saw a crusade in the city of Sodo, organized by the Christ is the Answer (CITA) ministries in cooperation with local churches. About 70,000 people heard the Good News. As part of the trip, Ukrainian missionaries also held a training conference for pastors, a family meeting and charity eye clinics.


Sodo in Ethiopia became the fifth city in the Horn of Africa country where CITA held a large-scale crusade. The program of the event included preaching the Gospel, calling for conversion to God, prayers for healing and deliverance.
For four days, people accepted Jesus Christ and testified about receiving a blessing from God (better health and freedom from demonic influence).

Conference for local ministers


“During the two days of the event, I was telling pastors and bishops testimonies from my life, about the ministry of CITA in different countries of the world. And also I was teaching “Demonology”. We talked more about practical points, namely why evil spirits enter a person, how to pray for deliverance, how to instruct addicts, etc. I told many cases from my ministry, as I have vast experience in this ministry,” commented Taras Sen, director of CITA.

Eye clinics three days in a row


For three days, about 1,100 people had their eyes checked for free and received glasses as a gift. Among them were Muslims, Orthodox and Protestants. The participants heard the gospel and responded to the word of God.

Due to poverty, people in Sodo cannot afford glasses, so the help was greatly appreciated.

Family conference


More than a hundred people from different churches attended the family meeting. The Ukrainian team considers it an integral part of its ministry during trips, in particular, to Ethiopia, to serve families so that they could save and restore their relationships, reminding of simple things that should be present in family life. Family couples of ministers took part in competitions and heard the 12 commandments of a happy marriage.

Evangelization in a Muslim city

In Desse, north of Addis Ababa, missionaries from Ukraine had an outreach event and conducted eye clinics for a thousand people and also had a pastoral and family conferences. All events took place indoors due to the danger of uprisings from religious opponents.


As part of the trip, CITA ministers of the missionary center in Addis Ababa distributed 50,000 evangelistic newspapers in the Amharic language in Sodo, and together with the Ukrainian team helped widows with food packages.


“I sincerely thank God for entrusting me with preaching the Gospel to the peoples of Africa. Thank you to local pastors and bishops, as well as musical performers for cooperation in spreading the Gospel”, emphasized Taras Sen.

In December 2022, there was the Fourth Crusade in the city of Dilla. And before, the crusades had been in the Ethiopian cities of Shinshicho, Durami and Hasanna.

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